Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers (Lights Up!)


The Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers by Safety 1st has a no-slip, easy-grasp handle and lights up when ready to use. These sleepy baby nail clippers light up your baby’s tiny nails for clipping so you can accurately clip them with ease. Since it may be difficult to trim tiny nails while active babies are waving their arms about, the illumination can help parents trim their baby’s nails while the baby is sleeping and still, making the task less stressful for both of you. The Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers features an emery board (small nail file) slot to hold the included emery board steady, so you can smooth out any rough edges easily.

To use:

  1. Lift clipper arm from hand grip and rotate 180 degrees. The light will automatically turn on.
  2. Position nail between the cutting edges and squeeze the handle to cut the nail.
  3. Rotate handle back 180 degrees and down for the light to turn off.

* To conserve battery life, the light will automatically turn off after 4 minutes. *

To clean:

Wipe clippers with a damp cloth and dry after each use. To sterilize clippers, wipe with rubbing alcohol.