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Childproof windows and interior/exterior doors with window locks, window stops, door nob covers, pinch guards and cord wind ups from the Child Safety Store. Be proactive and start preventing accidents today.
Cardinal Gates - Door Guardian

Cardinal Gates - Door Guardian

Cardinal Gates


For use on INWARD swinging doors only, The Door Guardian effectively childproofs your exterior doors, providing peace of mind for you and your fami...

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Cardinal Gates - Door Pinch Guard - 2pk

Cardinal Gates - Door Pinch Guard - 2pk

Cardinal Gates


The Cardinal Gates Pinch Guard helps protect your little one’s fingers from door slamming accidents. Strong yet flexible, the non-toxic plastic is ...

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Cardinal Gates - The Window Guardian

Cardinal Gates - The Window Guardian

Cardinal Gates


The Window Guardian Lock from Cardinal Gates is an innovative new window lock perfect for childproofing windows throughout the home. The Window Gua...

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KidCo Window Stops

KidCo Window Stops



KidCo® Window Stop helps to prevent accidents by keeping kids away from windows. It's a small mechanism that keeps the windows locked. This window ...

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Safety 1st Blind Cord Wind Ups

Safety 1st Blind Cord Wind Ups

Safety 1st


Safety 1st Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups makes baby proofing your home’s windows easier. It helps keep your baby from playing with dangling blind cord...

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Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard
Sold out

Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard

Safety 1st


The Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard protects fingers, both young and old, from accidentally getting pinched by a closing door. When the door is fully...

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Safety 1st Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Cover 3PK & 4PK (White)

Safety 1st Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Cover 3PK & 4PK (White)

Safety 1st

from $3.24

The Grip ‘n Twist Door Knob Cover by Safety 1st come in a 3 pack and 4 pack. This doorknob cover fits most standard door knobs. These door knob cov...

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Window Wedge - Cresci Products - 2 Pack

Window Wedge - Cresci Products - 2 Pack



The Window Wedge with the Slip-Resistant Base, was designed and tested to act as an Adjustable Window Stop for double hung, single hung, and horizo...

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Secure Your Windows and Doors for Kids Safety

Window and door safety is an important component of babyproofing your home which is a vital part of keeping your children safe. By installing window and door safety locks, it will not only protect your children from potential falls and pinched fingers, but it will also prevent them from wandering outside or into rooms you don’t want them to have access to.

As soon as your baby is able to crawl, it’s time to secure the windows and doors in your home. Ensuring your toddler or child is unable to open doors or windows can protect them from potentially dangerous situations reducing the risk of serious injury.

Toddlers and preschool-aged kids have the highest likelihood of falling from a window. A recent study from the Journal of Pediatrics found that over 5,000 children have to be taken to the hospital each year because they fell out of an open window. Of these incidents, their findings discovered that 83% of these incidents involved screened windows. Meaning windows always pose a danger to children.

Furthermore, the American Academy of Pediatrics found that between 1990 and 2008, more than 98,400 children visited an emergency department with an injury from a window fall. A quarter of these children sustained serious enough injuries to warrant being admitted to the hospital. The most common age group for these injuries was 1 and 2-year-olds. Compared to older children, toddlers are more likely to suffer head injuries, more serious injuries, and in some cases - death.

Ensuring you have door locks will help prevent children from not only getting outside unsupervised but will also keep them from getting into a room where the windows are not secured.

Window and door safety is serious, but the good news is we have options to help you make windows and doors in your home safer.

Child Door Safety

Every door in your home should be baby-proofed to ensure the safety of your child or children. This includes interior and exterior doors, sliding doors, door knobs and door handles. There are a number of child safety products available to secure each of the doors that will help prevent a child from opening a door and entering a room or exiting the house unsupervised.

Interior and exterior doors can often be secured the same way as all of the following childproofing devices are interchangeable, however you may prefer a door latch for an exterior door while a door knob cover is more ideal for an interior door.  

Kids are curious, door safety products allow them to explore your home safely.

Door Locks & Latches

Door locks and latches are the easiest way to childproof a door. Simply installing a deadbolt lock or security door chain that is high enough that children cannot reach it, is often enough to deter a child from entering a room they should not be in, or exiting your home. Door locks should be placed above the door handle, and a safety chain should be installed high enough up that even if the child stands on something like a chair, they won’t be able to undo the latch.

These are both extremely easy solutions, that should be on every exterior door, and installed on any interior doors that lead to rooms containing anything that can pose harm to a child - like into a garage or the kitchen.

Door Stopper

Door stoppers are one of the best ways to prevent little fingers from getting caught in doors. These products are typically foam based and create a physical layer between little fingers and a door. Foam stoppers are ideal for interior doors that are open and shut often, and are u-shaped and placed over the side of the door.

The foam attachment prevents the door from being able to close tight. It’s important to keep in mind that door stoppers will not prevent access to a room or prevent a door from being opened, but they will simply prevent an injury from occurring.

Door Knob Covers

Door knob covers are a great door safety device that is easy for adults to use while difficult for small hands. These covers are ideal for placing them on doors leading to rooms that are off-limits or to closet doors. Instead of using latch chains on interior doors, knob covers are more effective and less permanent. They can easily be removed once the room no longer poses a threat to the child or they are old enough to remove the door knob cover themselves.          

Child Window Safety    

Childproofing windows may seem like a daunting task, but there are many things you can do to make your home more secure. In addition to installing window safety devices, here are some other safety measures to consider:

●    Move furniture away from windows so children have nothing to climb on to access the window.
●    Remove cranks from crank-open windows to prevent children from opening them on their own.
●    Install window alarms so you will be alerted in the event a child is able to open the window.
●    Remember that screens are NOT a safety device and will not prevent a child from falling out of a window.
●    Discuss the dangers of windows and heights with your children once they are old enough to understand.
●    Never leave your young children unattended, especially in rooms that do not have safety devices on windows.

Window Locks

Windows locks are the easiest child safety measure you can implement, especially if you have newer windows that lock or latch closed. If you have older windows, don’t stress, there are still safety devices you can install on your window frame.

A downside to window locks is that means you need to keep your window shut at all times, which may not work during the warmer months when you want to air out your home. However, they are ideal to use if you have a toddler in your home since they are a very secure solution.

Window Stoppers

Window stoppers are a great solution for parents who want to secure a window while allowing it to remain open a few inches to let in a breeze. It’s recommended that you don’t allow the window to be open more than 4 inches since there is a risk that a child can squeeze through the window.  A window stopper can control the height and width of the locked window and can be mounted for either single or double hung and sliding windows.

Window Safety Bars  

Window safety bars or window guards may not be right for everyone since aesthetically they are not as appealing. However, for those living apartment complexes on higher floors or even families who have their children’s bedrooms on second floors may feel better with the added security of window guards.

These safety bars allow you to keep a window open without the fear of a child being able to squeeze through the bars and sustain an injury. They are tamper-resistant cover and fits most windows.

Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups    

Window cords pose an additional safety hazard many parents fail to consider when thinking about window safety. These window cord wind-ups help prevent accidental strangulation. This safety device helps keep your baby from playing with blind cords safely storing any excess cord out of your child's reach, while still allowing you easily operate the blinds.


When should I install child safety window and door locks or latches?
While some parents choose to babyproof their home the moment they have children, door and window safety becomes a priority once your child begins to climb or walk.

What kind of door or windows can these safety devices be installed on?
Our latches, locks and stoppers are ideal for all types of doors and windows.

Are locks and latches sold here at Child Safety Store strong enough to keep my child out?
Yes! The locks, latches, and stoppers we offer are stable and reliable. Even the most determined child cannot break them.

Which windows and doors should I use these safety devices on?
You should use them on every window in your home, even if they aren’t on a second-floor. Windows always pose a danger to children. When it comes to securing doors, you should secure all exterior doors and any interior doors that may contain items that contain harmful materials.

How do I know which window and door safety locks or latches are right for my home?
Go through your house and make a list of the types of windows and doors you want to secure and then decide which type of lock, latch or stopper is right for each. If you’re still not sure, our child safety experts are ready and available to help you decide what’s best.

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