SafetyTat Child ID Temporary Tattoos

SafetyTat Child ID Temporary Tattoo is safe and easy-to-use. It helps connect parents with their kids in case they are lost or out of sight. Shop temporary tattoos for child safety here at!

SafetyTat - Variety 6 pack

SafetyTat - Variety 6 pack



Traveling with kids? Make sure none of them get lost with these easy to write on safetytats.  Includes: 6 skin safe tattoo skin appliques ( 1 Liza...

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SafetyTat Child ID Temporary Tattoo

Keeping your child safe and protected is one of the major concerns as a parent, especially with crimes against children increasing ten-fold with every passing year. However, you would never link the use of tattoos to child safety though a temporary and safe tattoo is one of the most brilliant ways to track a lost child.

What Is A Child ID Temporary Tattoo?

When bringing your child to a crowded place like a theme park or a mall, it is imperative that your child is well within your reach to prevent them from getting lost. Losing your child can be an extremely devastating incident in your life. This is where a SafetyTat Child ID Temporary Tattoo can be of aid.

These customizable tattoos contain all the relevant contact information which will help you connect with your child in case they are lost or out of your sight. The tattoo contains your name, the child’s name, home address and your contact number which allows the individuals who find your child to safely reach out to you and reunite you with your little one.

What Does The Safety Tat Pack Include?

  • 6 skin safe tattoo skin appliques designed with assorted animals and natural objects
  • 6 alcohol prep wipes
  • 1 Tattoo Marking Pen

The tattoo marking pen allows the parent to fill in their own information; with the tattoos lasting for up to 2 weeks. Simply peel the tattoo and stick it on your child’s arm. These tattoos can be removed just like a conventional temporary tattoo.

Why Is It Ideal For Kids?

The reason why Safety Tats should be your only choice is because not only is it safe and easy-to-use but your child will absolutely love the funky cool designs on it. Different themes such as butterflies, flowers, and dogs make the kit interesting and fun. Offering complete peace of mind for a parent, these safety tats reduce the amount of time your child will be separated from you if in case they are lost.

Though a plethora of identification products such as ID wristbands and bracelets are easily available in the market, SafetyTat Tattoos are a better choice simply because they cannot be removed instantly as is the case with the other products. With these small child identifiers stuck to your kid’s skin, you can be rest assured that your child will be found in no time.

Added Safety Measures to Practice

All said and done, you should never rely on a single safety measure to keep your child safe. If your child has learned to talk, make them memorize their and your name, home address and contact number. Make it a habit to repeat all the important details every day so that the child memorizes and repeats it like a parrot.

Also, perform a drill with your child and tell them the best course of action if in case ‘you cannot find me anywhere near you’ at home. Tell them to look for a safe place or soothing adult, show them the Safety Tat tattoo and ask to be taken to their parents immediately.

To order your set of SafetyTat tattoos, simply call us at 561-272-8242 or place an order online today! After all, what can be more important than keeping your baby safe?