Safety 1st Power Strip Cover


Taking steps to baby proof your home is essential for your child’s safety. Baby proofing electrical outlets should be your main priority. Do not wait for your baby to start crawling; make it your first baby proofing duty while they still cannot move around on their own. Start the process by using Safety 1st Power Strip Cover. Help keep your curious child from exploring power strip outlets with a Power Strip Cover from Safety 1st. The cover can be easily adjusted to cover the full power strip, including the plugs. It can be used on the floor or mounted on the wall.

Product Highlights

  • Easily adjusts to enclose a full power strip securely
  • Keeps outlets covered, on/off switch and plugs preventing them from being pulled out
  • Can be wall mounted or used on the floor in any room
  • Expandable design fits power strips up to 13.5 inches in length
  • Ideal for home offices, telephones and nurseries, or anywhere else you spend time with your child
  • This kit includes one power strip cover

Instructions: Press side tabs to slide it open and insert your power strip inside the inner cover. Plug in your appliances, and replace the cover – the cords extend from the top. Remove the cover to clean, wiping it with a damp cloth and allowing it to dry.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Safety 1st
  • Type: Baby/Child Safety Power Strip Cover
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Material Composition: Lead-Free
  • Color: White
  • Age Group: All Ages

*This product is not a substitute for adult supervision.

Child Safety Store is your go-to resource for tools to turning your hazardous home into a safe haven for toddlers and babies. Childproof your home and decrease the risk of potential shock hazards with Safety 1st Power Strip Cover. Shop now at!

The Importance of Using Power Strip Covers

Unlike electrical outlet covers, power strips or bars are more difficult to baby proof.  Most homes have bundles of cords around the TV, computer, and kitchen areas that can cause serious harm to young children who visit the area unsupervised.  These cords bundle up on the ground and in some cases, children will go to the area that plug the cords out or play with the electrical outlet.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates over 2,000 children experience electrical shock or burn injuries from poking around the outlets or plugging on cords.  They even report over 10 child deaths each year related to injuries near electrical outlets or cords.

Having electrical cords bundle up together creates serious threats to young children in the home.  To baby proof your home, we suggest choosing a power strip cover that helps keep outlets covered and cords tucked away from children’s reach, customizable fit to ensure safety in your home’s television, computer, or kitchen appliance area, and a strip cover that’s full length and leaves no vulnerable space for your child to pull the cords or mess with the outlets.

How do I baby proof power strips with the Safety 1st Power Strip Cover?

Power strips are typically made use of in locations of your house which hold numerous electric items in one location, such as your tv or computer system location. Power strips are a typical service to the "Too lots of plugs, inadequate electrical outlets" trouble that torments most homes.

Power strips are made for use throughout your home where electrical cords bundle up together like near televisions, computers, and kitchen appliances.  The power strip covers are the best way to baby proof an area where these cords are in abundance and create a potentially dangerous situation for your child.

The issues that come from having too many cords in one place are:

1.    Your child can go into the area and play around with the open electrical cords, outlets and appliances.  This can result in electrical injuries like shocks or burns.
2.    You child can go into the area where there are a lot of electrical cords together and unplug an electrical appliance from the outlet by yanking or pulling the wire.  This can result in the same electrical injuries and can cause heavy electrical appliances to fall onto your child.

If you have this situation then the Safety 1st Power Strip Cover is the best solution for your home. The cover can simply fit over your electrical cords bundle together and hide any cords so your child can’t get into a dangerous situation.  

The product will simply adjust to the closed cords securely so there is no room for your child to grab and pull.  The outlets stay covered so your child can’t plug in or out appliances that shouldn’t be messed with, and the power strip cover can be wall mounted for use off the floor like near computers or televisions.  

The Safety 1st Power Strip Cover’s size is adjustable, wall mountable, and can be purchased in different colors and styles. Shop now at Child Safety Store!