Pack a Backpack Card for Back to School

Pack a Backpack Card for Back to School

As summer ends, the time has come for the kids to head back to school! Of course, it’s always our goal to keep children safe, no matter the time or the place. We’ve given you some great tips on how to keep children safe from the summer heat, but now let’s shift our attention to the classroom.

Today, let’s learn all about creating a backpack card!

What is a Backpack Card?

If you’ve never heard of a backpack card, relax. Plenty of parents haven’t. That said, it might be one of the easiest and smartest ways to keep your children safe when they walk out that front door. Put simply, this is a small slip of paper that contains your child’s important information. As the name suggests, the card should be kept with the child’s backpack so they have it handy if it is ever needed.

Basically, this card should contain the absolute most critical info about your little one.

For example, it should include:

  • your child’s name
  • their date of birth 
  • contact information for a parent or legal guardian
  • info for an out-of-town contact person
  • a home address
  • the name and address of the child’s school

There’s plenty more that can be added, but the key is that the backpack card should be easy to find and read. You want the most relevant data to be reviewed quickly.

As an added precaution, the card should address the child’s special needs or medical conditions. For example, be sure to note any specific allergies, just in case of an emergency.

To make this easier, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created a handy template for a backpack card. You can find the easily printable template on their official website.

Beyond Backpack Cards

A lot of parents tend to be extra worried when their little ones return to school. Speaking of back to school, according to a survey from the educational childcare center Kiddie Academy, 63 percent of mothers who have young children reported having the hardest time with the beginning of the school year, as compared to the 27 percent that identified the child as being the one who struggles most. 

So what can be done? Well, obviously it’s important to use a backpack card. It’s easy and basically free! Beyond that, have you considered giving your child a tattoo? We’re serious. Well, serious about temporary safety tattoos, that is! Temporary safety tattoos are a terrific way for parents to keep tabs on their lost children. 

Temporary Safety Tattoos

Temporary safety tattoos work similarly to a backpack card, except they adhere directly to the skin. They’re typically best used for day trips, but can also be quite helpful when kids are going back to school.

Like the backpack cards, these customizable “brands” contain your child’s most critical contact information. This includes their name, address and phone number. The idea is that if a child becomes lost or separated, they still have all of their most important information with them.  For example, this is the SafetyTat Variety Pack that we sell on Child Safety Store.

These are two excellent safety solutions for concerned parents. Back to school time can be stressful, so every little bit of peace-of-mind helps. Keep an eye on the Child Safety Store blog for more helpful tips for parents.

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