Cool Off: Stay Safe From The Summer Heat

Cool Off: Stay Safe From the Summer Heat

The summer is here! For your kids, that means being outside all day, swimming in the pool, and playing on the playground. Unfortunately, all of this usually happens while the sun is beating down on them. In order to keep the fun going as strong, it’s important to know about ways to stay safe from the summer heat.

Take a look at some important Child Safety Store tips below:

Wear Sunscreen

A burn can occur more quickly than you may expect, especially during peak hours of sun exposure, from 10am-2pm. Remember: the likelihood that your child will get skin cancer later in life increases with only a few serious sunburns. Wearing sunscreen will help to prevent these painful burns. One more note of caution – from children under six months old, American Academy of Pediatrics suggests keeping the child out of the sun and in the shade instead. It's a great way to stay safe from the summer heat.

Active Supervision

The summer is a blast for most kids. They’re off from school and get to play instead of do homework. But we still need to keep an eye on them on these hot summer days. Children who go in the pool should never do so without proper adult supervision. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children under four years old. Similarly, we’ve detailed before what to watch out for when your kids are at the playground. The hot weather can seriously affect the equipment they’re playing on.  

Don’t Leave Kids or Pets in Hot Car

Simply put, don’t leave your child or pet in a hot car. The car can heat up far more quickly than most people expect. A child’s body heats up three to five times faster than an adult’s body, so even if the car doesn’t seem too hot to you, it can be deadly for your child. Hopefully, with the HOT CARS Act and an initiative from L-Squared Technologies, you will be less likely to leave a child in the car. We recently covered this important topic in depth with its own blog post.

Swim Lessons

As we mentioned earlier, drowning is the leading cause of death for very young children. Many summer parties involve the pool, and many vacations involve the beach.  But to truly stay safe from the summer heat, make sure your children, as well as whoever will be watching them, know how to swim. Lessons are available all year around for very young children as well. Infant Swimming Resource teaches water safety survival skills to infants in case your little one finds themselves in trouble.

Stay Hydrated to Stay Safe From The Summer Heat

Chances are that your kids are running around and using lots of energy. When your kids are playing in the summer heat, make sure they keep a bottle of water at hand. Dehydration can cause lightheadedness, fatigue, irritability and more. Since body temperatures rise when out in the sun, it is essential that kids stay hydrated by drinking water drink water before, during and after being exposed to high temperatures.

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