Stylish and Smart: Temporary Safety Tattoos

Stylish and Smart: Temporary Safety Tattoos

When it comes to child safety, many parents would never think of tattoos. Unfortunately, that would be a mistake. Temporary safety tattoos are a brilliant way to keep track of lost children. 

In today’s blog, we’ll shine a light on these often-overlooked precautionary tools.

What are Temporary Safety Tattoos?

A lot of parents take extra precaution when bringing their child to a crowded place. This can include a mall or theme park. It’s important to have a way to reach your child, just in case they get lost. Losing a child is a terrifying but all-too-familiar experience for many parents. Fortunately, that’s where temporary safety tattoos come in handy. 

Temporary safety tattoos work how you might expect. The customizable “brands” contain all of your child’s relevant contact information. This way, if they are lost, they have all of their most important information with them.  For example, this is the SafetyTat Variety Pack that we sell on Child Safety Store.


Each of these packs Include:

  • six skin safe tattoos
  • six alcohol prep wipes

It also includes a “tattoo marking pen” so you can fill in your own information. These safety tattoos are designed to last up to two weeks. To apply them to your child’s arm, all you need to do is peel and stick. Later, they can be easily removed like any conventional temporary tattoo.

Kids love these SafetyTats because they’re fun. They have different themes, such as butterflies or rockets. Adults love them because they provide solid peace of mind. Plus, they greatly reduce the amount of time that your child will be separated from you or a guardian in the event that they are lost. 

Temporary safety tattoos offer an extra layer of protection for children. There are other child identification products on the market, such as ID bracelets and wristbands, but these can be lost or removed. With a tattoo, parents can rest easy. These child identifiers aren’t going anywhere! They’re literally stuck to your kid’s skin!

That said, you should never rely on a single safety measure. It’s always smart to use extra precautions. In addition to temporary safety tattoos, parents should always make sure to teach children how to memorize their name, address and phone number. 

If a child is lost, they should also know to look for a person in uniform to help them. Finally, the best course of action is to talk about “what to do if you can’t find me.” The act of going through a practice run for a difficult scenario can help alleviate stress and panic.

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