A Safer View: The Best Window Locks, Stops and More

A Safer View: The Best Window Locks, Stops and More

A window can provide natural light and gorgeous views, but it can also be a source of great danger. According to the CDC, thousands of young children in the United States are killed or injured in falls from windows each year. Fortunately, there is hope for concerned parents. 

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the best window locks to use, as well as other methods to prevent fall-related tragedies.

The Best Window Locks and Safety Tools

Safer Thinking is a Great Start 

We’ve explored the potential dangers of windows in previous Child Store Safety blog posts. Before we touch on gear like window locks, let’s take a look at some window safety precautions that every parent should take:

  • When children are home, keep all of your windows closed and locked.
  • Lay down some ground rules. Children should know that windows are strictly off limits.
  • Keep the window area free from toys or other tempting items. The plainer the window area seems, the less interesting it will seem to little adventurers.
  • Finally, be sure to watch out for hanging blind cords. These dangling cords can create severe strangulation risks. You can learn more in our dedicated blog about the danger of blind cords.

Consider Installing Childproof Window Locks, Stops and Barriers

Locking your window with its built-in mechanism is a good start, but for better protection, consider adding a childproof window lock. There are a wide variety to choose from and they can save your child’s life.

Window locks and guards are among the most effective ways to prevent a fall and decrease the risk of serious injury. Installing hardware that is approved by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is your best bet for helping to prevent these accidents. 

Cardinal Gates - The Window Guardian Lock

Cardinal Gates - The Window Guardian Lock

When it comes to window locks, the Window Guardian Lock from Cardinal Gates is an excellent choice. When properly installed, this safety lock helps to prevent children from accessing and tumbling out of unlocked windows. A removable push-button key makes it easy for parents, but tricky for kids, to disable. This window lock installs into most windows within minutes and helps to provide lasting peace of mind. Additionally, it can be used to childproof cupboards, doors, and drawers.

KidCo - Window Stops

 Kidco Window Stops

Beyond window locks, consider using a window stop to help prevent falling accidents. By controlling the “opening size” of your window, these help to prevent a window from being opened by your child. In addition to keeping the window locked, the stops also control the height and width of the window. They are pretty versatile too, since they can be mounted for single, double hung, and sliding window types.

Cresci Products - Window Wedge

Finally, let’s look at the Window Wedge. In many ways, this product is designed to work similarly to the adjustable window stop. This model is built using durable ABS Plastic. On the bottom, a tapered groove holds a Velcro loop, which easily attaches to the window frame. Then the Window Wedge is placed over the loop strip. When fully installed, the Window Wedge can be adjusted to your preferred height.

You can see it in action during this handy review video:

Secure Your Windows to Prevent Tragedies

When it comes right down to it, it pays to invest in layers of protection. Window locks and stops are a brilliant addition to any home, but they work best when combined with attentive parents and general safety precautions. For further tips about babyproofing and childproofing your home, check out the rest of the Child Safety Store blog.

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