Beware the Hidden Dangers of Window Blind Cords

Beware the Hidden Dangers of Window Blind Cords

It’s official. As of this month, you have one less safety hazard to worry about in your home! As our name suggests, child safety is of the utmost importance to us.  With that in mind, we’re here to talk about one little-known red flag that parents often overlook – window blind cords. Dangling cords can cause strangulation or near-strangulation. 

Luckily, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) has announced that American stores or websites will no longer sell these corded window blinds. Read on to learn more!

The Danger of Corded Window Blinds

Your kids can give you a lot to worry about. That’s why our blog here at Child Safety Store has covered topics in the past like baby-proofing your home. We’ve even discussed window safety in the past. A small detail such as blind cords may seem insignificant, but in fact they have caused some serious injuries – even deaths. 

A recent Pediatrics study reported that, between 1990 and 2015 more than 16,800 kids were injured and brought to the emergency room due to blind cords. Even worse, 255 children died during these years after they got tangled in the cords.

This is why U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission named corded window blinds as one of five “hidden hazards” in the home. 

To Remove Your Corded Blinds 

This new WCMA safety standard, which went into effect as of December 15, 2018, requires that stock window coverings be cordless or designed with inaccessible cords, or cords that are short and therefor out of reach from your children. 

After reading the sobering statistics above, you may find yourself wanting to replace your blinds. If this is the case, you should start with the windows that are in rooms that your children frequent most often. When purchasing your new blinds, consider a set that has the Window Covering Safety Council’s Best for Kids™ certification. 

If You Still Have a Window with Blind Cords 

We understand that not everyone will be running out to spend money on a new set of blinds.  The ones you have at home may be perfectly serviceable.  But of course safety must remain top-of-mind.  A good solution is a product such as the Safety 1st Window Blind Cord Wind-Ups.  These affordable items prevent kids from playing with your blind cords by making sure that they are out of reach.

Watch Child Safety Store's video review of this wind up product here:

You simply snap the small circular plastic unit to the cord and wind the rest of the cord up. The blinds are still easy for you to use, but the cord is much more difficult for your child to play with.

Other Window Safety Considerations

While you’re considering the safety of your windows, you may want to take a look at some additional safety measures you can take to make your room safer and prevent children from reaching your window.  After all, 3,300 kids each year fall out of a window and are injured enough to be hospitalized.  

  • Make windows inaccessible by minimizing furniture that the child can climb on.
  • Keep windows closed when they are not in use. When they are open, keep a close eye on the kids.
  • Keep distractions such as toys away from the window to prevent curiosity.
  • Use window stops or guards to prevent a window from being opened by your child.

There you have it. Corded window blinds are no longer a worry, thanks to this new safety standard. There is plenty to keep an eye on when you have little ones running around. We’re thankful to have one less safety concern to consider!

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