Snap Power - SafeLight


Introducing the SnapPower SafeLight, a revolutionary product that combines safety and convenience in one sleek design. Designed to keep your little ones safe, the SafeLight features child-proofing safety covers with spring-powered sliding gates that automatically snap over the outlet holes when a plug is removed, preventing curious fingers from accessing electrical outlets.

Say goodbye to bulky and unsafe plug-in night lights, as the SafeLight serves as an elegant LED night light with adjustable brightness settings. Installing it is a breeze - just turn off the power to the outlet, remove the cover plate, insert the SafeLight, secure the screw, and you're good to go. No wires or batteries are needed, thanks to its patented prong technology that draws power from the sides of your existing outlet. Available for both duplex and décor outlet styles, this product is a must-have for any household with little ones. Illuminate your home safely with the SnapPower SafeLight.