Safety 1st Pre-Crawler Ready Set


This Pre-Crawler Ready Set by Safety 1st is a 35-piece set. By safeguarding your home before your baby starts exploring you will be able to enjoy every moment once your baby starts to crawl. These products are deterrents only and do not substitute for proper adult supervision. It is advised to discontinue use once your child becomes old enough to defeat it.

*Tool Needed: Philips Head Screwdriver



20 Plug Protectors, 1 Finger Pinch Preventer, 4 Corner Cushions, 10 Cabinet Latches

Product Highlights

  • Provides a safe home environment for your baby
  • Prevents the baby’s access to unused outlets
  • Plug protectors to prevent access to risky areas
  • The corner cushions soften furniture corners so that the baby does not get hurt
  • Protects your child’s little fingers from snapping between doors
  • The cabinet and drawer latches prevent your child from opening doors or pulling knobs

Product Specifications

  • Brand Name: Safety 1st
  • Pieces included: 35
  • 20 Plug Protectors for preventing access to unused outlets
  • 1 Finger Pinch Preventer
  • 4 Corner Cushions
  • 10 Cabinet Latches


Assembly Required: Yes
Installation Required: Yes
Tools Needed to Assemble: Philips Head Screwdriver

Why Buy Safety 1st Pre-Crawler Set from Child Safety Store?

The Safety 1st Pre-Crawler set is designed to protect your baby against accidents and mishaps at home. Crawling babies reach inaccessible places, open drawers or bump against furniture corners or try to reach out to things or places that are totally out of their reach. Children often end up hurting themselves in this process.

These are a part of their growing activities where parental vigilance is very important. But in case you look around just for a minute, there must be a safeguarding mechanism that protects your baby even when unattended. The Safety 1st pre-crawler is the best answer to your parenting woes.

There are 35 pieces of safeguarding aids that include Plug Protectors for preventing access to unused outlets, Cabinet and Drawer Latches, Corner Cushions to soften furniture corners so that your child does not suffer bruises on collision, and a Finger Pinch Preventer to help protect your child’s delicate fingers.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How will corner cushions from the pre-crawler set aid my baby’s safety?
The corner cushions can be installed at the corners of the furniture. By softening furniture edges, the baby is at a minimal chance of getting bruises and bumps on collision.

How do I safeguard my baby against unforeseen accidents at home?
Constant adult supervision is essential for the well-being and safety of growing babies. Other than that, you can use aids at home like the Safety 1st Pre-Crawler set with 35 safeguarding parts that can be installed on doors, latches, furniture corners, and door spaces to protect your baby.