Safety 1st Lever Handle Lock


The Lever Handle Lock by Safety 1st has a child resistant, press and slide design keeping your curious little one out of unwanted areas. The Safety 1st Lever Handle Lock should only be used on interior doors. DO NOT use the lever handle lock on a door that leads outside.  Although there is no drilling required, in order to install this item, you will have to take off the existing lever handles in order to add the lock and adapter plate, then reinstall the lever handles with the lock and adapter plate all aligned together.

*Accommodates most French/Lever style handles*

Installation instructions:

  1. Pick the side of the door that you want to prevent your child from opening. That is the side of the door that the lever handle lock will be installed on.
  2. Remove the screws from the existing lever handles and remove both handles from the door.
  3. Take one of the adapter plates and align it with the internal components of the chosen handle. Push out the tabs on the adapter plate which corresponds with the internal screw posts or other obstructions by the handle mechanism. (Product comes with two adapter plates, one is a spare)
  4. Fit the adapter plate into the back of the lock. Make sure the arrows on the adapter plate are facing up and pointed posts are facing towards the door.
  5. Align the lock with existing lever handle hole in the door. Ensure that when you fit the lock and lever handle into place that the adapter plate doesn’t pop out of place. Fit both lever handles into place and reinstall with existing screws.

To use:

  1. To Lock: Press in the locking button and slide it towards the lever handle until you hear the button click into locked position.
  2. To Unlock: Press in the locking button and slide the button away from the lever handle.

(The lever lock can be overridden from the opposite side of the door by using a little force to push the lever handle down and the lock will pop out of the locked position)

*Tool needed: Screwdriver.