Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush & Comb


The Cradle Cap Brush & Comb by Safety 1st has a 2-IN-1 design for thorough cradle cap care. With its 2-IN-1 design, you can gently remove flaking skin from your baby’s scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as cradle cap is a common scalp condition that affects many infants, but don’t worry because the condition is common and harmless. Most cradle cap conditions aren’t that serious or long-lasting. The Cradle Cap Brush & Comb easily slides onto an adult’s hand, to keep the brush steady. The bristles are a soft, rubber which helps to loosen the flakes. The comb gently loosens tough flakes and removes them with its fine-toothed comb design. By loosening and removing the flakes from your baby’s scalp, you will alleviate the symptoms.