Safety 1st Complete Grooming Kit (Arctic Blue)


This Complete Grooming Kit is an 18-piece kit that will fit all the grooming essentials in its wrapping clutch case which has two easy-view compartments. Each compartment of the clutch case has a secure-close strip to keep everything stored safely.  The Gentle Care Brush has soft bristles and a comfortable grip while the cradle cap comb will gently remove flaking skin from your child’s scalp. The Kit also comes with a spritzer bottle that can help when doing your child’s hair.  The clear view nail clippers have a 5x magnifier so you can have a better view of your baby’s tiny nails. The Complete Grooming Kit also comes with 10 emery boards (small nail files) which include a vinyl case for storage. The Gentle care comb has a comfort grip handle and the Snail Bath Sponge has soft, baby-friendly material for washing and entertaining during bath time.



Wrapping Clutch Case, Gentle Care Brush, Gentle Care Comb, Cradle Cap Comb, Clear-View Nail Clippers, Snail Bath Sponge, Emery Boards (10), Emery Board Vinyl Case, Spritzer Bottle