SAFESLAM - Stop Door Slams!


SAFESLAM - Stop Door Slams! is the most effective way to stop door slams from injuring small fingers.  Most finger pinch guards must be removed to close the door so their safety is gone, but SAFESLAM stays on your door - open or closed. The moment your door opens, SAFESLAM springs into safety position, ready to protect.  And SAFESLAM looks so great that kids (and parents) actually want this safety device on their doors!  SAFESLAM's high quality silicone is more than just safe, it's also firm enough to stop even heavy door slams, soft enough to prevent damage to your door or door frame, and simple to install - no tools required.   Protect your loved ones with the ultimate door safety device, SAFESLAM - Stop Door Slams!

SAFESLAM’s Most Special Features

  • SAFESLAM stays on your door, even when closed
  • As soon as door opens, SAFESLAM springs into safety position
  • Safe doors open & close normally – just turn the knob
  • Stops even heavy door slams
  • Kids want SAFESLAM on their doors, parents too!



  • Must be removed or disengaged to close door. No Safety when door opens
  • Foam compresses. Not safe for heavy doors or hard slams
  • To close the door, device must be removed or disengaged


Is SAFESLAM easy to install?

Simple, no tools required! Just:

  1. Make sure the door handle shaft is clean, not greasy.
  2. Align the whales' eye with the doors' edge.
  3. Insert the strap through the hole and pull it TIGHT so it doesn’t rotate.


Does SAFESLAM fit all doorknobs and door handles?

SAFESLAM fits nearly all common doorknobs and handles. If the shank (the shaft connecting the knob to the door) is very thin or thick, please measure its circumference. SAFESLAM fits shanks from 55mm-110mm in diameter.


How Does SAFESLAM "Spring" into safety position as soon as the door opens?

SAFESLAM's patented mechanism flexes against the door frame when the door is closed. As soon as the door opens, the flexible silicone quickly returns to its straight position, creating a safety barrier between the door and the door frame.