KidCo Universal Outlet Cover- White- 1pk, 3pk

by KidCo

This Universal Outlet Cover by KidCo comes in a 1 pack and a 3 pack. This universal outlet cover will fit on both a standard and decorator outlet. This item DOES NOT need to be removed each time you’d like to use the plug. Once your baby starts exploring your home, exposed outlets are a major concern. By preventing the insertion of objects into the outlet, it will prevent injury to your child.

*This item does not substitute for adult supervision. *

To Install:

  1. DO NOT use with two-prong ungrounded or GFI outlets.
  2. Turn off power to the outlet before installing.
  3. Remove the existing outlet plate.
  4. Determine the type of outlet. Standard outlets have one center screw hole. Decorator outlets have two screw holes.
  5. Once outlet type is determined, punch out one or two screw hole covers for appropriate installation.
  6. Place cover over the outlet and tighten the screw(s).
  7. Once installed, check the sliding cover to ensure it returns automatically. Loosen screw slightly until it does.

To Use:

  1. Insert plug tips into cover slots.
  2. While pressing in gently, slide plug and cover to one side until the plug is completely into the outlet.
  3. When the plug is removed the cover will automatically return.