KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate White/Black

by KidCo
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The KidCo Retractable Safeway is a flexible, yet safe mesh barrier with patented one-touch memory button to pre-set the gate width for easy and safe walk through.  The super quiet recoil won’t wake your baby and the INCLUDED spacers make baseboard installation a breeze.  Extends for all openings up to 55″ and features quick release hardware to stow away when not in use. Height: 33.5″.

Product Highlights

  • 4 quick-release holders that can be removed or mounted easily.
  • Robust lock holds gate
  • One Touch Button technology offers the exact length needed
  • Gate always pulls to the same length for the right lock and fit
  • Works on openings up to 55” wide
  • Easy to install spacers included for baseboard installation
  • Safe and flexible mesh barrier
  • Quiet recoil won't wake your baby

Product Specifications

  • Brand: KidCo
  • Item model number: G2500
  • Product Type: Hardware Mounted
  • Item Weight: 4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 1 x 36.25 inches
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Batteries Required: No


  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Installation Required: Yes

The KidCo Retractable Safeway

The KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate is a simple, yet safe and secure mesh barrier that will protect your child from harmful accidents throughout the house.  Great for top and bottom of the stairs, this gate will retract out of the way when the gate isn’t in use, making a flexible solution for homeowners looking for an added layer of security.  

Made With Flexible Mesh
The mesh is flexible, durable, and reliable to keep your child safe!

Guaranteed Fit and Lock
The gate will always pull at the same length, guaranteeing it to fit and lock in place.

One Touch Button To Unlock
It’s easy for adults to install, remove, and use as an extra layer of security around the home.

Sturdy and Durable Lock
Made with quality materials, the safeway gate is strong and sturdy to handle any accident.

About KidCo

KidCo started in 1994 as the first company to bring metal safety gates to the US.  Since then, the company has developed and brought to market a series of child safety gates and products to protect families across the US from harmful accidents.   

We recommended KidCo’s line of products because of their strength, durability, longevity, and reliability for homeowners looking to add a layer of security to the young children and pets around the house.  Designed and engineered in the United States, KidCo is among our favorite child safety product manufacturers!

Why Buy KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate from Child Safety Store?

Child Safety Store offers innovative Retractable Safeway made up of heavy duty, tubular steel with robotic welding and form fitting. The safe and flexible mesh barrier retracts out of the way when gate is not in use. Since there is no tripping risk, this gate is ideal for both top and bottom of stairs.

At Child Safety Store, we aim to keep children safe! What makes our product unique is its sturdy construction. With advanced one-touch memory button, you can easily pre-set the gate width for safe and easy walk through. No need to struggle for its fit, just pull and lock!

The super quiet recoil won’t wake your baby making it a practical and smooth choice. Moreover, the plastic parts of this product are nylon based with fiberglass support to ensure flexibility, durability and strength!

Child Safety Store is your one stop source for any infant and child safety products, built with a high degree of reliability and safety. Our skilled sales staff can help you find your way through the best safety products for your child.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use this Retractable Safeway Gate outside my house to keep my dog on a porch?
Yes, the Retractable Safeway Gate is completely weatherproof. You can use this outside as well.

Is it possible to find new screws with the same length and width?
Yes, you can simply take an old screw to the hardware store for matching.

Can I use this Safeway Gate at the top of stairs?
Yes, this Retractable Safeway Gate can be used at top as well as bottom.

Can I install this Retractable Safeway gate at an angle?
As long as the mounts are vertical, this roll up cloth gate can swing in any direction.

What is the ideal height for the brackets?
The height including the brackets is 37 inches.

Can you install higher above the ground so there is space below?
Yes! You can install the Retractable Safeway Gate above the ground to leave space below the gate.

Can I use the safety gate outside on my backyard porch patio?
Yes, you can install the gate outside on the porch but be aware of the metal areas of the gate to rust in case there is exposure to rain or water.

How can I reset the One Touch Button if I made a mistake?
To rest the one touch button and width of the gate, push down the middle button (One-Touch button) and at the same time pull up on the outside of the button.  When you see the red line around the bottom of the button, you are free to extend/adjust the safety gate.

Is there a space below the gate where a small child or puppy can fit in?
Although it’s recommended that the Retractable Gate not be installed more than 3" off the ground, as long as the gate is installed at the base of the floor there will be no space for a child or pet to go under the gate.