KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock - 1 Pack

by KidCo

These KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks are simple to install and are sturdy to resist pulling and pushing from kids. They are designed to be at a height that kids can't reach.  It's a simple device that helps keep your little ones from opening cupboards and storage closets.

Product Highlights

  • Locks made exclusively for Bi-fold doors
  • Simple installation - installs at the top of the door by slipping over
  • Helps prevent finger injury
  • Handy wand attachment for easy reach
  • Includes insert for thinner doors
  • Available in Clear

Product Details

  • Brand: KidCo
  • Item model number: S354
  • Product Type: Door Latch/Locks
  • Item Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 4 x 6 inches
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Care & Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean


  • Assembly Required: No
  • Installation Required: Yes
  • Tools Needed to Assemble:  None

How To Properly Childproof Bi-Fold Doors Inside Your Home With Young Children

Parents of young children are constantly learning new ways to childproof their home. For those with bi-fold doors, it’s important to add an extra layer of protection to ensure your children don’t enter rooms or areas of the house that should be kept “out of bounds”. Rooms that use bi-fold doors typically are laundry supply, cleaning supply, and pantry closet spaces that can be dangerous for children to wander into.

In addition to this, bi-fold doors can pinch children’s fingers in between the door panels, causing serious harm and injury to any young child who accidently puts their finger in between the bi-fold door.  

Installing a product like our KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock will minimize the risk of these injuries and give homeowners the peace of mind that their young children are safe throughout the house. It’s simple to install and use, and our customers like how it can fit right into the style and design of the door without damaging the look of any room. The material is strong and durable to last years of use with or without added pressure or contact.

To install the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock, simply open the door panel and slide it on until it’s over the two door panels. Then close the door and test out your new childproof bi-fold door lock!

We advise our customers to regularly check the bi-fold door and lock to make sure they are still working and haven’t been altered. When the children grow past a certain age, then it’s time to remove the childproof door locks and teach them the dangerous accidents that can happen when caution isn’t made near the closing doors.

Install The KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks For Every Bi-Fold Door Inside Your Home

To childproof your bi-fold doors, install the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks.  Simply open the door panel and slide the lock on until it’s over the two door panels.  When you close the door, it’s now childproofed and will keep your children safe!

KidCo Is The Best Manufacturer Of Child Safety Products

If you’re a parent with young children, you know how important it is to childproof your windows and doors throughout the house.  For bi-fold doors, there are many ways to secure them and keep your children safe from potentially dangerous situations.  Children can get access to rooms or closets with harmful supplies or chemicals, they can also jam their fingers in-between the gaps, and can even bang into the door and cause them to fall. Installing the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock is the best way to childproof the bi-fold doors inside your home.

KidCo is trusted by homeowners all over the country who need to childproof their home to keep their children safe. Here are some reasons why KidCo is recognized as one of the leaders in child safety:

  • Manufactured with precision and care to fit the needs of every homeowner with young children
  • Meets and exceeds the US Child Safety Standards
  • Uses only the top quality materials
  • Unique features to ensure safety no matter the situation
  • They are committed to creating quality and safe products for homeowners

Is KidCo A Popular Brand For Child Safety Products?

KidCo has led the child safety market with quality products that protect and keep young children safe throughout all homes in the US. Focused on encouraging home child safety, they continue to produce the products that young parents need to keep their home childproofed and safe from potential accidents.  

We carry KidCo products because we trust the quality and reliability of their products and encourage all of our customers to do the same!  Their products are unique and affordable for any new family. Shop all of KidCo collections at the Child Safety Store today!

Why Buy KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks from Child Safety Store

Keep your little one’s fingers from getting snagged between folding closet doors. This clear door lock slips right over top of door, preventing the door from opening all the way and hurting their fingers.

These door safety locks are simple to install and are sturdy enough to resist pulling and pushing from kids. They are designed to be installed at a height that children can't reach. This simple device is intended to help keep your little ones from opening cupboards and storage closets.

Our child safety experts are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding any of the child safety products we are selling, to answer questions about your purchase or on how to turn your home into a safer place for your children. Child Safety Store is your one stop source for any childproofing home safety products. Shop KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks now here at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can these be used on thinner doors?
Yes, the product comes with an insert so they can be installed on even thin doors.

What type of material is this made of and will it withstand pressure or contact?
Yes! The KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock is made of high quality, hard plastic material that will ensure the safety and protection of your door from young children or animals.

For double doors or doors with two hinges, will I just need one door lock or will I need two?
For double doors with multiple hinges, you will need a KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock for each hinge. This will ensure the entire door is child proofed.

Can I install this from the inside to keep someone from opening if they are outside?
Yes! When you install the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock, the lock will stay locked and keep anyone from opening if they are outside.

How do bifold doors lock?
Bi-fold doors lock easily and can be a great addition to childproofing your home for young children. Find the locking points of your bi-fold door to make sure the handle is lifted.  Then turn they key and the locking system will move into place to ensure greater protection.

What is the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock 1 Pack made out of?
The KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock is made out of plastic and works great for any door you need to childproof.

Does the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock 1 Pack require screws to install?
No, the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock does not require screws to install.

How strong are the KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks?
The KidCo Bi-Fold Door Locks are strong and will prevent young children from entering any room or closet unsupervised.  

Can my child reach the Bi-Fold Door Lock?
No! The KidCo Bi-Fold Door Lock is designed to stay out of children’s reach.  You can simply install the door lock on any bi-fold door inside your home and the door will be childproofed.