Safety 1st Grow-With-Me Oral Care Kit 3pc


This Grow-With-Me Oral Care Kit by Safety 1st is a 3-piece set that covers baby to toddler needs.  It comes with a fingertip toothbrush and case, as well as a toddler toothbrush for their growing needs.  The fingertip toothbrush can softly stimulate gums throughout the teething stage and even comes with a small case for storage.  The toothbrush for toddlers has a chunky handle made for their little hands to get a good grip, making it easier for them to use on their own.      

Product Highlights

  • Dual-sided fingertip toothbrush with a gum stimulator
  • Ergonomically designed for toddlers to get a better grip
  • Tested for child safety
  • Provides a guided transition from the baby toothbrush to toddler brush
  • Cleans gently without irritating the baby’s gums
  • An ideal size toothbrush head
  • Storage box for keeping the infant toothbrush hygienically and safe

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Safety 1st
  • Product dimensions: 7.63 x 3.63 x 1.5 inches
  • Age range: For infants and toddlers
  • Color: Spring green and white
  • Item weight: 1.6 ounces
  • BPA-free
  • Rubber bristles
  • Dental set includes a fingertip brush, fingertip toothbrush case, and a toddler toothbrush

To use:
1. Simply take out the infant brush from the storage box, insert it in your finger, and gently brush the baby’s gums.
2. The dual-sided finger toothbrush has a stimulator at the other end that massages the baby’s gum providing comfort through the teething stage.
3. The toddler toothbrush is designed to brush sensitive teeth. It has a large ergonomic handle so that the child can hold it comfortably while brushing his teeth.

Why Buy Safety 1st Grow-With-Me Oral Care Kit 3pc from the Child Safety Store?

The Safety 1st 3-piece Oral care set is designed using the most innovative manufacturing test high-quality materials. The dual set provides the perfect kit for your child. The infant toothbrush is designed for developing gums and then you can slowly switch to the toddler toothbrush that is specially designed for your child’s sensitive teeth.

The large chunky hands ensure that your little one can hold it comfortably in their small hands. A good grip, right-size head, and roll-proof design ensure better brushing techniques. The 3-in-1 Oral care set comes in an appealing spring green shade that kids find very attractive. After use, safely encase the fingertip brush inside the finger brush case to keep the brush clean and safe.

The Safety 1st kit provides complete oral care kit for your child. The products are rigorously tested before being approved for use. They are ergonomically designed keeping in mind the child’s needs. Further, they are available in appealing colors to attract your child’s attention towards the brush.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

How prevelent are issues of oral health?
As per the CDC reports, one in five children aged 5-11 years develop an untreated tooth cavity. Tooth decay or cavities are one of the most chronic diseases impacting childhood. Oral problems will lead to your child having difficulty in speaking, eating, and missing school due to painful gums.

What parents and caregivers can do for their child’s better oral health?
Take care of your infant’s teeth from the teething stage. Brush their teeth gently in the infant stage. As they start growing, guide them to brush. Watch them brush and guide them till they develop good brushing skills.