4″ Tan Sleeve and Cap – DIY Conversion Sleeve


If you moved in to a home and a Pool fence had been previously installed; but that fence is either missing, or in poor shape. We have a great solution to make your pool a safe place for children. We have invented the Pool Fence DIY – Conversion Sleeve. The Conversion Sleeve ans Cap are made from – heavy duty, and UV resistant polymer plastics.

This Sleeve and cap were designed to convert your already drilled deck (1 and 1/8 inch) holes, to accept the high quality, but less expensive DIY Pool Fence. Most pool fence manufacturers’ used a 1 1/8″ hole for the installation of their fence; this sleeve and cap will allow you to use your already drilled holes to install our Do It Yourself Pool Fence. This sleeve and cap combo are sold as individual sets, you will need a sleeve and cap for each hole on your deck, or each pole on the fence you plan to install.


This product includes:

1 – 4″ Tan sleeve and cap for concrete installation. This sleeve and cap were designed for 1/2″ stainless steel peg and require a  1 and 1/8″ hole to be drilled for installation.