Safety 1st No-Drill Top of Door Guard

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Resists access and prevents pinched fingers.

As a parent, one of your main concerns is to keep your child safe and healthy especially during the first few years of life when they do not have any understanding of their own. It is not easy to control toddlers who keep finding infinite and innovative ways to either hurt themselves or to break and crack different furniture items around the house. One such common item is the door which either your little one will continuously bang for your attention or just open and close them repeatedly as a toy.

It is obvious that your little one has no idea how they can hurt themselves and the potential danger which lies on the other side of the door. However, as a parent you completely understand how damaging a door can be which is exactly why you should stay a step ahead with Safety 1st No-Drill Top of Door Guard.


Safety 1st No Drill Top of Door Guard Installation

Being extremely simple and easy-to-install, this lock does not require the use of any tools for installation. Simply peel the back sticker and stick the lock on the door within seconds. This is one of the top reasons why the Safety 1st No-Drill Top of Door Guard is the number one choice for people who do not wish to damage their door with drill marks and even for renters who are not allowed to make changes in the furniture items of the house they are currently renting.

The simple installation template offers installation steps in plain and simple words so that the user can perfectly align the door guard onto the door without any measurements or added tools.

How does The Door Guard work?

While playing with the door, if the child suddenly decides to use their little fingers to stop the door from closing completely, the lock comes in handy. It is equipped with a pinch guard which stops the door from slamming shut so that your little one’s fingers do not get smashed and cut in the process. An added advantage to this door guard is that it can be unlocked by a parent from either side – so there is absolutely no stress about your child getting locked in the room ever.

Added Feature

An added feature allows the user to keep the lock in 'off-mode’ for as long as you wish. It allows the parents to pass through the door easily and quietly, especially when the kid is asleep or away visiting a relative. Moreover, grandparents who only wish to use the lock temporarily while their grandkids come visiting can also make use of this special feature.

At A Glance

Here are the main reasons to buy a Safety 1st No-Drill Top of Door Guard today:

  • Prevents toddlers from accessing unsafe areas
  • Perfect alignment with clear installation template
  • Innovative designing allows parents to use door from either side
  • Versatile designing
  • Prevents pinched fingers
  • Allows peace of mind
  • Affordable
  • 100 percent quality assurance
  • Fits on any doorframe of any size (except sloped ones)

Why choose Safety 1st?

Safety 1st is an age-old company which specializes in manufacturing products which help create a safe environment for your little ones in and around the house. It keeps you stress-free and allows you to focus completely on your child’s mental and physical well-being. With thousands of parents and grandparents already being our valued customers, we can assure you that we offer nothing but the very best for your precious little one. If you too wish to protect your toddler from pinched and swollen fingers, call us at 561-272-8242 to order your top of door guard today.

You can also order the product online and ask for home delivery so that you needn’t worry about leaving your little one alone!