KidCo Swivel Cabinet and Drawer Locks

by KidCo

The KidCo® Swivel Cabinet and Drawer Locks are screw mount locks which feature a swivel arm to allow for the lock to become disengaged for those times when the lock is not needed. Mounting screws included.

KidCo Swivel Cabinet and Drawer Locks Product Highlights

  • Tested for child safety and durability
  • Works with most drawers and cabinets
  • Manufactured using the highest quality plastic material
  • Unique swivel feature allows locks to be temporarily disengaged
  • Can be mounted on the side of the cabinet or drawer
  • Easy one-hand operation for adults
  • Secures with screws inside the cabinet or drawer
  • Mounting screws included
  • Template included for easy, damage free installation

Technical Details:
Brand: KidCo
Color: White
S333: Multi Pack-4
S333-12: Multi Pack-12
Best Uses: Child Safety Products
Batteries Required: No

Why Buy KidCo Swivel Cabinet and Drawer Locks from Child Safety Store

Keep your goodies away from your kids.  This lock is perfect for those "special" drawers and cabinets. Do you have smaller children who love to explore and discover something new in your home? Your child might be curious enough and will try to find out what is inside your cabinets or drawers.

To help protect your child from accidents, Child Safety Store recommends installing child safety cabinet and drawer swivel locks. KidCo locks can help protect your little ones’ fingers from getting caught in the cabinet doors and drawers. Watch the video on this page to learn more about the product.

Our child safety experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about cabinet and drawer child safety products we are selling, questions about your purchase or on how to turn your home into a safe haven for your little ones.

Child Safety Store is your one stop source for child safety cabinet and drawer safety products. Buy KidCo Cabinet and Drawer Swivel Locks now!


Are these cabinet and drawer locks easy to install?
Yes, they are easy to install using a power drill. You just push down on the little lever and open the door.

Can these locks be easily unlocked?
They can be easily unlocked by an adult but a toddler can’t.

Can you use these cabinet locks in bathroom cupboards?
Yes, KidCo’s child safety cabinet locks are great for keeping toddlers out of the bathroom cupboards.

How exactly can you unlock it?
It opens like a standard child safety drawer lock. The locks swivel so when you constantly have to open and close the drawer, you can just rotate them so they won’t lock. Use your finger to push the lock down or to the side, depending on how you installed it.

Does it come with screws?
Yes, it comes with screws.

Is this safety cabinet and drawer lock visible from the outside?
KidCo swivel cabinet and drawer locks are not visible while the door or drawer is closed. When it’s opened, about an inch and half of the mechanism is exposed.

Is this a one piece or two-piece lock?
It is a 2-piece lock. You have to install both the hook and the latch.