What to Know About the 7.5 Million Recalled Baby Shark Toys

What to Know About the 7.5 Million Recalled Baby Shark Toys

Today, we’re here to tell you about two recalled Baby Shark toys. “Baaaaa-by Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.” It’s a common refrain in most houses that have a baby or toddler. Thanks to this catchy tune, there is plenty of merchandise that features these popular shark characters.

Read more about these recalled bath toys below. We’ll tell you about why parents are being cautioned and what to do if you own one of these items. 

What is the Recalled Baby Shark Toys?

To start, let’s take a look at the two recalled Baby Shark toys. Both are bath toys with a hard plastic top fin. They each come in yellow, pink and blue. 

First, there are the full-sized Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing & Swim bath toys. When placed in water, this seven-inch toy sings and swims. They were sold individually and in packs of three. To be clear, only full-size Baby Shark toys with a hard plastic top fin are included in this recall.

Next, there are the mini-sized Robo Alive Junior Mini Baby Shark Swimming bath toys. Similar to the full-sized toy, these smaller four-inch toys swim when placed in water, but they do not sing.

These mini sharks were sold in two ways: individually and in packs of two or three. They were also part of a Baby Shark Music Water Park playset.

Why Are the Baby Shark and Mini Baby Shark Bath Toys Being Recalled?

This recall from Zuru Toys comes after several injuries from the full-sized sharks were reported. According to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a child can slip and fall onto, or sit on, the hard plastic top fin of the shark, particularly in the bathtub or kiddie pool. Of course, this can pose risks of impalement, lacerations and punctures.

In fact, there were 12 reports of these types of incidents, including injuries to children’s genital, anorectal and facial areas. In nine of these cases, stitches or medical attention were required. While there aren’t any such reported cases involving the mini Baby Shark bath toys, these are also being recalled out of precaution.

Baby Shark

How Do You Know if You Own the Recalled Bath Toy?

Needless to say, Baby Shark is extremely popular. So it’s no surprise that a whopping 7.5 million of these toys have been sold. In fact, the recalled Baby Shark toys were sold at multiple stores, including: Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Target, Walgreens and more, as well as online at stores like walmart.com, target.com, amazon.com. The full-size Baby Shark bath toys retailed for $13-15 and the mini Baby Shark toys sold for $6-$20.

Both toys have tracking label information on the bottom, in the form of raised letters. Luckily, this makes it easier to determine if you have one of the recalled Baby Shark toys.

What to Know About the 7.5 Million Recalled Baby Shark Toys

For the full-sized toys, the model number will be “#25282” and the date code beginning with the letters “DG” followed by “YYYY/MM/DD” in the date range DG20190501 through DG20220619.

For the mini-sized toys, there will be model numbers “#7163,” "#7175,” “#7166,” or “#25291,” and a date code beginning with the letters “DG” followed by “YYYY/MM/DD” in the date range DG2020615 through DG2023525. 

What to Do if You Own Recalled Baby Shark Toys

Given the above information, if you have determined that you have one of the two recalled Baby Shark toys, you should contact Zuru for a refund. In this case, you will receive a refund of $14 for the full-sized bath toy or $6 for each mini bath toy. 

The payment will be in the form of a prepaid virtual Mastercard. To receive this refund, you will need to disable the toy as instructed on this website. If you have questions, you can contact Zuru by phone 833-820-0839 or online at https://www.recallrtr.com/bathshark or www.Zurutoys.com.

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