Teether Recall: Infant Choking Hazard

Teether Recall: Infant Choking Hazard

As parents, we constantly agonize over everything related to our children’s wellbeing. The food they eat, the toys they play with, and the crib they sleep in are all fair game for scrutiny.

At Child Safety Store, we are just as fastidious. Your safety is our goal. That’s why it is our unfortunate task to let you know about recalled items that may negatively affect your child’s safety.

This time, the recalled item is a Battat B. toys teether. Let’s look at why it was recalled and what to do if you already own “Firefly Frank.”

Why is the B. toys Firefly Frank Teether Being Recalled?

The product being recalled is the B. toys teether – specifically one called Firefly Frank.  This firefly-shaped product lights up in red, green and blue when lightly shaken. In addition, it boasts soft and textured loops for teething.

The problem, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is that the plastic wings on this infant teether can detach from the product’s body. Of course, this becomes a choking hazard for infants and young children.

Unfortunately, the company that produces this teether, Battat, received 14 reports about this product.  Those reports indicated instances of the wings detaching or pieces of the wing breaking off. In one scary incident, a child was choking on a broken piece of the wing.

More About Infant Choking

The fact remains, choking is nothing to shrug off. That said, it’s hard to keep track of all of the little everyday items around your house that can cause your little one harm. When it comes to food, your new eater may simply become distracted by their surroundings. After all, chewing takes some concentration at that age!

As all guardians well know, food isn’t the only thing that curious kids try to put in their mouths. Small toys, tiny items they find around the house and teething toys can all find their way into a child’s mouth when our little explorers are set free. Unfortunately, when put to task, the Firefly Frank teether can be a choking hazard.

What to Do if You Own the B. toys Firefly Frank Teether

This teether was sold exclusively at Target stores, both nationwide and online. It was available between July 2019 and February 2021. It retailed for anywhere between $6-10.

Fortunately, Battat and Target are taking action. If you own one of these teether toys, you should take the product away from your child immediately and return it to any Target store for a full refund. You can also contact Battat if you prefer to return the teether by mail.

It should be noted, this recall was issued in conjunction with Canada since a small amount of the teethers were also sold there.

Image of the Recalled Product:

Battat B. toys teether

Official Details for B. toys Firefly Frank Teether


This recall involves B. toys Light-Up Firefly Teether Glowy Chews – Firefly Frank, plastic infant teethers.  The colorful teethers shaped like a Firefly are blue, green and red and light up when shaken.


Consumers should immediately take the recalled teethers away from young children and return them to any Target store for a full refund, or contact Battat to return by mail for a full refund.


Battat has received 14 reports of the wings detaching or pieces of the wing breaking off, including one report of a child choking on a broken piece of the wing. 

Sold At:

Target stores nationwide and online at Target.com from July 2019 through February 2021 for about between $6 and $10.

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