Stop Newborn Scratching with Mittens

Stop Newborn Scratching with Mittens

Newborn scratching is a common occurrence. Let’s face it, when your baby is first born, she won’t have much control over her own body. Babies will flail around, grasping at anything and everything. This can lead to scratches and injuries, even when your little one is fast asleep. Who knew, an infant’s teeny tiny fingernails can also double as razor-sharp claws?

One solution to this problem is to put scratch mittens on your baby. At Child Safety Store, we’re concerned with all threats to children’s safety. That extends beyond babyproofing your home. In today’s blog, let’s explore the uses of these mittens and take a look at one variety that we recommend.

What Are Scratch Mittens?

Scratch mittens are just what the name implies. These are soft, comfortable mittens worn by a baby to prevent potential injuries. These are held securely on a baby’s wrists using gentle elastic wristbands. On the Child Safety Store, we proudly sell Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens. These mittens help to protect your baby's delicate skin. Here’s a brief video overview and review on the product.

Are Scratch Mittens Necessary? 

So is it totally recommended that parents use scratch mittens? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as many would hope. In fact, the responses can be downright divisive.

On the pro-mittens side of the debate, there are some very compelling reasons to use the soft protective gloves. For example, the National Sleep Foundation reports that these be a useful tool for preventing accidental newborn scratching during sleep. They aren't alone in their recommendation. The U.S. National Library of Medicine recommends wearing scratch “mittens for the baby's hands to keep them from scratching their face.”

The case against scratch mittens boils down mostly to allowing the freest movement possible for the baby. This early time in a child’s life is important for development. Learning to control their arms and hands is important, and some are concerned about whether these mittens impede that. Additionally, the risk from scratching tends to be minimal. The unusual serious accident my happen, but for the most part these injuries tend to be minor easily-healed cuts.

Instead, the anti-mitten folks recommend carefully trimming your baby’s nails. That’s a good safety precaution for any parent. That said, babies like to squirm and fight. Trimming a newborn’s nails can be a nerve-wracking experience, even if you trim them while the baby is sleeping.

Yes or No? Choose for Yourself

So that’s the pro-and-con of the scratch mitten debate. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice for what’s best for your baby and your specific situation. Either way, there isn’t a clear medical answer. Here at Child Safety Store, we tend to side with proactively taking extra caution whenever possible.  A well-reviewed product, such as the Safety 1st No-Scratch Mittens, can provide excellent peace of mind to new parents.

The discussion will continue, but in the end, each parent will have to choose for themselves.

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