Safety Tips for a Happy Holiday

Safety Tips for a Happy Holiday

The holiday season is upon us. For many families, that means big parties and even bigger dinners. At Child Safety Store, we’re always concerned about keeping everyone out of harm’s way. We’ve given tips for everything from preventing tipping TVs to how to properly use car safety seats. As we enter the Christmas holiday week, here are a few of our favorite safety tips for having a happy and healthy holiday celebration. 

Safety Tips for a Happy Holiday

Dry Christmas Trees: A Surprising Danger

Let’s start our holiday safety tips with the biggest danger in the house. Everyone loves a well-lit Christmas tree, but these seasonal beauties can quickly transform into a surprising fire hazard. When not watered properly, a dry Christmas tree can quickly ignite. That fast-acting fire can consume an entire room in less than a minute. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these Christmas tree fires caused an average of $12 million in damages, and 10 deaths per year, between the years of 2013 and 2015.

Deadly Decorations

Speaking of dangerous décor, let’s talk about the other holiday decorations. There are many ways that revelers can be injured by holiday novelties. Hanging decorations can cause head injuries, or can accidentally catch fire. Broken glass bulbs and ornaments can cut and slash. It can even be hazardous putting up fancy lights. After all, falling from a ladder can prove deadly!

However, one specific decoration that can lead to trouble are tea light candles. These little beauties can catch unexpected guests unaware. If someone doesn’t pay attention, his or her hair or clothing could easily catch fire.

Wrapping Paper Roasting by an Open Fire

Burn safety is important! A roaring fireplace is wonderful, but don’t ever forget how hot the surrounding area can become. Especially if your tree and gifts are nearby! Wrapping paper may be festive, but it can easily go up in flames. They burn extremely quickly and intensely.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Shriners Hospitals for Children issued a study that polled U.S. adults on their fire safety knowledge and practices. The results were quite shocking.

The survey revealed: 

  • 25 percent of people surveyed leave lit candles unattended in their homes
  • 45 percent do not water live Christmas trees daily, even though 70 percent were aware that they should
  • 47 percent do not keep something nearby to extinguish a fire when cooking, such as a lid or cookie sheet
  • 25 percent do not turn pot handles to the back of the stove and out of a child’s reach

To learn more, check out the Be Burn Aware campaign website.

Overall, it pays to think ahead. Baby proofing your home extends to the holiday season. Don’t use breakable glass ornaments if little kids are around. Water your Christmas tree each and every day to prevent dryness. Take extra precautions when setting up lights and holiday displays. Instead of using live fires and candles, consider switching to flameless battery-operated lights. They’ll glow nicely without the danger. Finally, be sure to check your smoke detectors. An early warning alarm is often one of the best safety measures.

Above all, don’t forget to take your basic safety precautions. In the excitement of the holiday season, it’s easy to overlook potential dangers. Don’t put your family at risk.

Have a very happy holiday from all of us at Child Safety Store!

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