Preparing a Safer Nursery for Your Baby

Preparing a Safer Nursery for Your Baby

When new parents hear the news that a new addition will be joining their family, thoughts of stuffed animals, pastel colors and adorable onesies excitedly pop into mind. Those things will also fill up their carefully thought-out registry in the following months. However, it is equally important research the more practical items needed to properly complete your baby’s nursery.

While expenses can make things stressful, and it seems like there is an endless things to buy, these essential items will ensure that your baby remains safe and comfortable. Create a safer nursery environment for your new little one with these safety tips:

Preparing a Safer Nursery for Your Baby

The Crib

Your child will spend a lot of time in their crib. You want them be able to sleep through the night without having to stress about their safety.

For one, slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so your little one can’t get trapped between them. In addition, all hardware should be properly and tightly secured. Corner posts, which clothing can get caught on, should not come up above the crib’s panels. To be sure that these regulations are met, don’t use secondhand cribs.

Your baby’s crib mattress should be the same size as the crib, with no gaps in which your infant’s tiny fingers, arms or legs can get caught.  The mattress should also be set to the lowest height position before your child can stand.  This will reduce the possibility of them climbing out.

Last, your child’s crib should remain free from toys, blankets, pillows, bumpers and anything else that can cause the risk off strangulation.

The Changing Table

When it comes to active babies, every second counts. In the second it takes to reach for a fresh diaper, your little one can roll over and take a fall.  Each year an average of about 3,000 babies are injured in changing table accidents.

To avoid a serious injury, your changing table should have 2-inch barriers on all four sides. Your changing pad should also be contoured, meaning that the middle is slightly lower than the sides. To further prevent your infant from falling, the table’s safety straps should always secure the baby in place. Even if they are strapped in, never leave your child on the table unattended. If you need to walk away from the table for any reason, take them with you.

Minimize the need to leave the table at all by making sure that everything you might need is within reach. Some tables come with built-in shelves. This is a great place to store extra diapers, wipes and baby grooming essentials.

The Rocking Chair / Glider

When your little one wakes up in the middle of the night, you’ll want nothing more than to comfort them and sooth them back to sleep. This is when the rocking chair, or glider depending on your preference, comes into play. The traditional rocking chair and the glider each have their own positives and negatives.

The steady motion of the rocking chair is soothing to children. However, this type of chair can also rock over a child's hand or foot as it rocks. A glider looks similar to an armchair ­­­– comfortable and cushiony. Unfortunately, the reclining feature that many of these chairs include can knock into a child as it extends. 

When it comes to your kids’ safety, you want everything to be just perfect.  If you consider these items before purchasing your nursery furniture, you can achieve true peace of mind... not to mention a safer nursery!

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