4 Baby Grooming Essentials

4 Baby Grooming Essentials

We all want the very best for our little ones. From trimmed nails to a healthy head of hair, our babies deserve the finest. Proper grooming is important for their comfort, but also their safety.

Babies may be helpless and fragile, but we’re here to help you look after all of their needs. Let’s go over a few grooming essentials to help with everything you need to know about grooming your baby or infant! 

Baby Grooming Essentials:

  1. Nail Clippers

Most parents’ biggest fear when it comes to clipping their baby’s delicate fingernails is the possibility of injuring their child.  Kids seem endlessly active, and even babies have a difficult time staying still.  This makes it pretty tricky to trim those tiny nails precisely. Still, nails grow quickly and need consistent care. If they aren’t trimmed, there is a good chance of your child scratching themselves.

A common solution to the nail-trimming problem is to clip your baby’s nails while they sleep.  This helps to avoid any jerking hand movements that may put them at danger. Let’s face it –it will calm your nerves, too!  One helpful clipper is the Sleepy Baby Nail Clippers,. Its no-slip handle will help you to keep a good grip. It also lights up, so you can keep the baby calm in a dim room swiftly trim your sleeping child’s nails.  These clippers also come with an emery board to smooth out any rough edges. 

  1. Brush / Comb

As many parents are well aware, a baby’s hair goes through phases. The hair they are born with sheds in the first several months and makes way for a new head of hair. Either way, you’ll want to regularly brush or comb to keep those tendrils healthy.  Brushing promotes healthy hair growth, massages the scalp and calms your baby.

A brush with soft bristles, like the Easy Grip Brush & Comb, won’t aggravate your baby’s sensitive scalp. This Safety 1st set comes with a comb, each side with different teeth to accommodate all types of hair. Last, the pieces in this set have thick handles so your child can eventually hold them and learn to brush and comb their own hair.

Brushing also helps to prevent or alleviate Seborrheic dermatitis. This common condition, known as cradle cap, may pop up on your baby or infant in the form of a flaky scalp. Don’t worry, this condition isn’t painful or itchy. The rubbery bristles of a specialized brush like the Cradle Cap Brush & Comb can help to gently loosen this flaking skin.

  1. Toothbrush 

As with their hair, a baby’s teeth will develop and change over time. You want to remain on top of these changes. Aim to instill healthy habits at an early age – from soothing a teething newborn to helping to teach a toddler about proper brushing. The Grow With Me Oral Care Kit covers all of your needs. Use the fingertip toothbrush to swipe and sooth a teething infant’s gums. Once your child grows, they can transition to the regular toothbrush, which has a large handle, allowing them to grip the brush on their own. This grooming procedure can’t be ignored. Brushing gets rid of food particles and bacteria, and leads to a healthy baby!

  1. Grooming Kit

If you truly want to make sure you cover your bases, a proper grooming kit will ensure that you have all of the essentials discussed above and then some. The 18-piece Complete Grooming Kit helps with pretty much any situation you may need to attend to, all in a handy clutch case. The kit includes: clutch case, gentle care brush, gentle care comb, cradle cap comb, clear-view nail clippers, snail bath sponge, ten emery boards, emery board case and spritzer bottle. 

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