Keep Little Fingers Safe with Door Pinch Guards

Keep Little Fingers Safe with Door Pinch Guards

Children seem positively drawn to reaching their little fingers between the door and the jam of a door as it is closing. As you may expect, this leads to a lot of pinched fingers and tears. That’s where door pinch guards come in! 

Regular readers of the Child Safety Store blog know that we sell a wide variety of babyproofing essentials. Luckily, that includes these convenient guards.

We also like to share safety tips about keeping your child out of harm’s way. We’ve even written an entire post about whether you should hire a professional babyproofer. The fact is that, no matter what, your home is loaded with safety hazards and we aim to tackle those risks one by one. For today’s blog, let’s discuss door pinch guards.

Why Do You Need a Door Pinch Guard?

As we mentioned above, we all know that kids are curious creatures. If they see a door closing, they’ll immediately want to investigate. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for unprotected door hinges to catch their delicate fingers. This is a very common, very painful experience for children.

On the plus side, a door pinch guard can eliminate this worry. These guards tend to be “u-shaped” devices that rest between your door and its hinge and sits on both sides of the door. This prevent the door from closing suddenly and trapping your child’s hand.

Door pinch guards can often be placed at any height. This means you can position the product out of your child’s reach. Now the door won’t slam shut if an enthusiastic child decides to push it a bit too hard.

Even with the best intentions, doors can swing closed on their own. For instance, if you leave the window opened and the wind moves the door, a door pinch guard can slow the speed at which the door closes and prevent an injury.

Which Door Pinch Guard Should I Buy?

Child Safety Store sells a variety of door pinch guards. Here are two of them, along with a helpful video review:

Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard

The Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard protects fingers, both young and old, from accidentally getting pinched by a closing door. When the door is fully closed, the guard conveniently hangs on the doorknob where it's easy to access again when needed.

Purchase this product here.

You can learn about the Safety 1st Finger Pinch Guard in this informative video review:

Cardinal Gates Pinch Guard

The Cardinal Gates Pinch Guard helps to protect your little one’s fingers from getting caught when a door slams shut. Strong yet flexible, the non-toxic plastic is more durable than similar products that are made from foam. Simply place the easy-to-use “U” shaped pinch guard out of a child’s reach. It may be installed on the hinge, latch side, or top of your door. It is sold in a package of two, but only one guard is needed per door, so you definitely get your money’s worth. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this product is designed for indoor use only.

Purchase this product here.

Stay Pinch Free

That’s about it when it comes to door pinch guards. While a door is a great way to block a curious child from entering a space, parents need to be keenly aware of their child’s potential curiosity. Pinched fingers are a common injury, but they are a preventable one. Consider installing inexpensive door pinch guards in your home today. It’s a great way to keep the ouch away.

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