Product Spotlight: Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock

Product Spotlight: Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock

From time to time, we like to take a moment to highlight some of the fabulous safety products that are available in our store. Today, we are taking a closer look at the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock. 

Starting with Door Safety

Before we look at the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock, let’s talk about general door safety. Part of making a home safe for little ones involves securing the doors and preventing kids from getting into too much mischief. Baby-proofing the home is something every safety-minded parent should take seriously. 

Doors can lead to dangerous stairs, open windows or even outside. As any person who has watched a little crawler knows, kids can be deceptively quick. In a flash, they can get into any area you’re trying to keep them away from. If they make it outside to a pool area, drowning danger becomes a serious risk. 

Another potential door hazard is that kids can get their little fingers pinched in the door. Now, obviously this is not as bad as falling down the unguarded stairs, but it can still be quite painful! To help prevent this, Child Safety Store sells a variety of door pinch guards. These can help to prevent injury and keep everyone in your home happy and safe. 

To make matters worse, a surprising number of children sneak out the front door, often while their guardian thinks they are safely in the home.

For these reasons, a product like the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock can be a life saver. 

Learning More About the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock

Now that we’ve gone over the reasons to keep doors closed and kids out of harm’s way, let’s talk about how the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock can help. This product is meant to secure popular lever handles. As the name implies, it is designed to “out smart” curious little ones. This is thanks to its first-ever decoy button. 

To this effect, a child will think the decoy button on front of the device is actually the button that opens the door. Fortunately, pushing this decoy button does not actually do anything. 

The actual unlocking mechanism is hidden on the sides. That means adults can open and close the door easily while any little explorers are “out smarted.” It is a clever and unobtrusive way to keep little ones out of off-limit rooms and harm’s way.

The Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock can be operated by an adult with a simple squeeze of the hidden built-in buttons.

The Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock is easy to install and the gentle adhesive is designed to be removed without damaging the door.

When the door is not in use, simply push the arm on the device down until the yellow deactivation indicator appears. When your little one is nearby, the arm can simply be put into the locked position, preventing their access to the room. Best yet, the lever features a unique design that will fits most door lever handles. 

Product Highlights From Our Store Page

  • Prominent decoy button can be pushed by child, with no effect
  • Hinge hides functional buttons in plain sight
  • Fits most door lever handles
  • Easy installation – no tools required
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to use

To learn more about today’s product spotlight, be sure to check out the Safety 1st OutSmart Lever Lock store page.

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