Product Spotlight: Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

Product Spotlight: Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

When it comes to child safety, power outlets are a potentially fatal hazard. In fact, sources of electricity are among the top concerns for parents. So much so that we’ve even written a guide to childproofing outlets. Today, let’s focus on a specific product that we love: the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener.

Electricity and Children: A Dangerous Mix

While baby proofing the home, parents can never be too cautious. Kids – especially crawlers and toddlers – are extremely curious about their environment. Nowadays you can’t step a few feet without an electronic device or outlet. There are countless ways for a child to get into trouble.

Believe it or not, according to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 2,400 children each year are shocked or severely burned after sticking metal items into outlets. It is estimated that there are six to 12 child fatalities a year related to these occurrences. As you can see, electrocution is a serious risk.

Fortunately, that’s where the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener can help. 

Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

Let’s learn a bit more about the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener. For starters, the product combines two very important functions. First, just as its name indicates, it covers up electrical outlets. Additionally, it stores up to four feet of cord depending on the cord’s thickness. 

Unlike more common outlet covers, it doesn’t simply plug the holes of the outlet. Instead, it covers the entire outlet and limits the amount of exposed power cord in the room. This limits the profile and keeps any excess appliance cords off the floor.

When there is less cord or outlet within view, it helps to reduce the risk of children becoming curious about them. That is a great feature and should not be overlooked. 

Overall, the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener helps to keep curious little hands away from potentially dangerous electrical outlets. Just be aware that it does not completely eliminate the cord from sight, so there is a chance that the baby can still access some cord to pull. Parents and guardians must still remain vigilant in supervising their little ones as they explore. 

How Does It Work?

Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener has a dual press-and-release design that is child-resistant but also easy for adults to use by simply pressing both side tabs at the same time to gently pulling the cover off. The Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener kit also includes a replacement wall plate and cover. 

You can learn all about it in our informative video:


Product Highlights

  • Ideal for outlets in use
  • Prevents children from accessing power outlets and prevents cord entanglement for total protection
  • Covers the entire outlet and secures excess cord which makes the area look less cluttered
  • Child resistant dual press-and-release design
  • Protect cables and cords, shorten them, hide them or just keep them neat in the home
  • 1 piece set: This kit includes one replacement wall plate and cover. A flat-head screwdriver is needed for installation. The item fits only with standard plug.
  • To clean the cover, remove the cover and wipe it with a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

To learn more, visit the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener product page at Child Safety Store.

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