Product Recall Alert: Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit

Product Recall Alert: Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit

It’s time for another an important update on child safety, and this one is about water beads. Specifically, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has just issued a recall for the "Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits" by Buffalo Games. Read on to learn more. 

The Lowdown on Water Beads

Before we dive into the recall, let's do a quick recap on what water beads are and why they've been in the spotlight lately. For regular readers of the Child Safety blog, you know that we’ve covered this subject before. Water beads are those tiny, squishy gel beads that can soak up water and expand to enormous sizes. 

Kids love these water beads, but unfortunately, even the non-recalled versions can be hazardous to their health. You might have seen them in sensory bins or craft activities for kids. They are sometimes also called names like jelly beads, or gel beads. But today, we’re talking about Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits by Buffalo Games.

Sure, they can be great for sensory play and fine motor skills development, especially for kids on the autism spectrum, but there's also a danger to using them.


The Dark Side of Water Beads


Unfortunately, these seemingly harmless water beads can turn into a nightmare if swallowed. When ingested, these little beads can expand inside the body, causing choking, obstructions, and other life-threatening issues. You might recall our previous post, in which we talked about calls to ban water beads altogether due to their potential dangers. 

The CPSC and the American Academy of Pediatrics have expressed serious concerns about water beads, and recent events have only confirmed those worries. Reports of kids choking on these water beads, swallowing them, or even sticking them up their noses or in their ears, are sadly abundant. 

The Recall of the Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit

Now, let's get to current issue: Buffalo Games is recalling 52,000 "Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kits" because of the extreme risk they pose. As mentioned earlier, if a child swallows these beads, it could lead to severe discomfort, dehydration, and in some heartbreaking cases, death.

water beads

In July, there was a tragic report of a 10-month-old child's death after ingesting these beads. And last November, a nine-month-old in Maine was seriously injured, requiring surgery to remove the beads, as they were causing intestinal obstruction. These are incidents that no parent should ever have to face.

What to Look For:

If you happen to have one of these kits at home, check for the purple box labeled "Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit." Inside, you'll find two ounces of "jumbo" water beads and six ounces of "regular" water beads, along with toy fish, scoops, tweezers, activity cards, and instructions.

The UPC Number on the back is 079346627035. Here’s a photo of what the recalled Chuckle & Roar Ultimate Water Beads Activity Kit look like:


What Should You Do?

If you suspect that your child might have swallowed water beads or you've got one of these recalled kits at home, it's time to take action. Look out for signs like your child refusing to eat, lethargy, drooling, vomiting, wheezing, or complaints of something stuck in the throat or chest. These could be red flags that something is wrong.

If this is the case, don't wait; call poison control at 800-222-1222 immediately and rush your child to the emergency room. Time is of the essence in situations like these, and a quick response can make all the difference.

In closing, please, take this recall seriously. Water beads, while fun and educational in the right context, can quickly turn into a life-threatening hazard. Our children's safety should always be top priority, so let's stay informed, stay cautious, and keep our little ones out of harm's way. 

For more information, check out the official product recall announcement by the CPSC.

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