Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

If you read the Child Safety Store blog regularly, you already know that our primary concern is always child safety. After all, it’s right in our name! But true security goes beyond babyproofing and product recalls.

Since it’s Halloween week, let’s go over some Halloween safety tips. This way, you get all of the treats and none of the tricks.

On a night so full of imagination and playfulness, it’s easy to focus on having a carefree time. Here are some ways to keep things fun, while also remaining mindful of safety.

Preparing for the Big Night

Costumes: First thing’s first, picking the right costume is important for so many reasons. Aside from your child’s excitement of dressing as their favorite character, there are also matters of safety to consider. Make sure your little ones’ costumes aren’t restrictive. This means that masks should have eyeholes large enough for a child to still see clearly through. Also, the nose and mouth holes should provide proper circulation for breathing. Going one step further, costumes shouldn’t be long enough for your child to trip over. 

When considering costume options, try to choose something that will stand out in a crowd. Bright colors will make your child visible even when many children are crowded together. This will make it even easier to keep an eye on them.

Jack O’Lanterns: This is one of the most fun traditions of the Halloween season. After picking out the perfect pumpkin together, you and your child can create your own unique Jack O'Lantern masterpiece. This is a great custom as long as you’re being careful. There are plenty of safer solutions for children who are too young to handle a carving knife. For instance, they can place stickers on the pumpkin, or color it with markers.

Alternately, you can carve out a design that they draw. To prevent fires, use a flameless candle or glow-stick to light up your creation. 

Halloween Safety Tips: Out on the Town

Active Supervision: One of the most important Halloween safety tips we can give is to stay alert. Active supervision means knowing where your child is at all times and not getting distracted by other parents, your phone, or the general revelry of the night. That doesn’t mean not to have fun though!  There’s no harm being with a group of parents, as long as the children’s safety remains top priority.

Beware of Cars: Always be cautious to stay on the sidewalk when trick-or-treating. Halloween is a busy night and drivers can get easily distracted. Children should remain on the sidewalk, and be escorted when they need to cross the road. Alternately, if you are driving that night, be extra careful of those who are outside, and remember that trick-or-treaters (and their parents) may be very easily distracted!

The Aftermath 

Makeup Care: Often, makeup plays a role in costumes.  If this is the case, be sure to apply this makeup carefully, so that it does not get in your child’s eyes or mouth.  To be extra safe, be sure that anything applied to the face is nontoxic. Remove all makeup at the end of the night before your child goes to bed.  This will prevent skin irritations and messy pillowcases!

Candy Check: After a fun night of trick-or-treating, you should check the candy your child received.  Before the kids dig into their treats, discard any unwrapped or partially opened candies.  In addition, any candy that can be considered a choking risk – for instance, hard candies – can also be eliminated.

There you have it! We don’t have the recipe for candied apples, but we do have the recipe for a fun and safe night out!  Using Child Safety Store's Halloween safety tips throughout the night will help to guarantee a night to remember – for all the right reasons.

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