August is National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month

These days, with all the worries in the world, it can be tough to keep a positive mental attitude. Beyond COVID-19 and various other concerns, 2020 has caused a lot of people stress. To this end, let’s take a step back and focus on our own well-being, and that of our kids. After all, August is National Wellness Month.

What is National Wellness Month?

National Wellness Month is a time to focus on self-care. For parents, the days can be hectic and long. It may seem that there are simply not enough hours in the day to kick back, relax and have a bit of “me time.” All August long, we should take special care to set aside a few moments each day for self-care. When you’ve taken care of your own needs, you’ll feel happier, reduce stress and generally be better able to deal with the struggles you and your family may be encountering. This isn’t about simply relaxing one time. Wellness is an ongoing habit that needs to be fostered and nurtured.

To learn more, visit There, you’ll find daily challenges and more. For Child Safety Store’s part, below are some simple ways we can all work to celebrate National Wellness Month.

Keep Hydrated

First and foremost, drink more water. As we wrote in our article about sun safety and dehydration, water is pretty important to our lives. It can keep us energized when we exert a lot of energy… plus it’s just refreshing. Keeping hydrated with lots of cool clean water is one of the healthiest gifts we can give ourselves. And what better time to start drinking more water than the scorching hot month of August? National Wellness Month or not, drink more water! You’ll be glad you did.

Swim More

Swimming is one of the absolute best exercises. It works multiple muscle groups at once, so it’s great for anyone lamenting the gym closures. As we’ve mentioned before, the CDC has stated that COVID-19 is not transmitted through water. Just be sure to follow advised social distance guidelines if you’re going to a public pool. Swimming is also very low impact, so it is also terrific for people who have joint problems.

Eat Healthier (and Safer!)

Proper nutrition is critical to all of our lives. The saying “You are what you eat” is truer than most of us realize. During the pandemic, a lot of us are fearful of gaining “the quarantine 15.” One of the best ways to combat this is to take a closer look at your meal choices. Make smart food choices. This includes eating plenty of vegetables, salads and fruits. If you’d like more tips, here’s a whole blog post about nutrition and kids. After all, wellness starts with healthy habits. Nutrition is a valuable building block for curious and bored little ones.

Try to Stay Offline

Now, obviously it is not easy to completely step away from the computers and phones these days. So many of our jobs and job searching relies upon the Internet. This is also the way many of us are able to talk to our distant loved ones. Unfortunately, between social media and constant worrying news, being online can be hazardous to your mental well-being.

We’re not saying to quit the Internet, but as an effort during National Wellness Month, try to cut down. Set some time limits for yourself and the kids. It’s easy to watch hours tick away while browsing Twitter or Instagram. Set boundaries for yourself and your family members. For example, for every hour spent online, try to spend an hour unplugged having meaningful conversations with your loved ones. It’s a great way to catch up and keep calm. It’s a tricky time, but we’re all in this together. National Wellness Month offers an excellent opportunity to step back and re-evaluate our choices.

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