Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Safety Gate - White


The Stairway Special Gate (Model SS-30) is our maximum safety gate designed for the top of a stairway but it’s great for all areas! Features include a latch system that baffles toddlers yet allows one hand operation for adults. The Stairway Special will mount at angles up to 30 degrees allowing location of a stud when mounting on drywall. The gate is constructed of aluminum. Available in White, Black, and  Outdoor Brown.


  • Includes a latch system allowing easy one-hand operation for adults
  • Includes an optional stop bracket to prevent opening over a stairway
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Rustproof and powder-coated finish
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Mount at angles up to 30 degrees
  • Gate extends in width 27” to 42.5”
  • Available in White, Black and Outdoor Brown color

Product Details

  • Brand: Cardinal Gates
  • Item Model Number: SS-30
  • Product Type: Baby/Child Safety Gate
  • Door Type: Swinging
  • Installation Type: Wall/Hardware Mounted
  • Material: Aluminum Construction
  • Auto Lock: Yes
  • Lock Type: Side pull
  • Stair Placement: Yes
  • Climb Resistant Panels: Yes
  • Intended Placement: Stairway; Doorway; Hallway;
  • Location: Indoor Use Only
  • Gate Dimensions:
    • Gate Width: Adjustable 27” to 42 ½”
    • Height: 29 ½”
    • Bar Spacing: 2 ½”


  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Installation Required: Yes
  • Size of Allen Wrench Used: 1/8th inch
  • Tools Needed to Assemble: Phillips screw driver, pencil, tape measure or ruler, drill with 1/8inch diameter drill bit, and a wrench.

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