Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Safety Gate - White

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The Stairway Special Gate (Model SS-30) is our maximum safety gate designed for the top of a stairway but it’s great for all areas! Features include a latch system that baffles toddlers yet allows one hand operation for adults. The Stairway Special will mount at angles up to 30 degrees allowing location of a stud when mounting on drywall. The gate is constructed of aluminum. Available in White, Black, and  Outdoor Brown.


  • Includes a latch system allowing easy one-hand operation for adults
  • Includes an optional stop bracket to prevent opening over a stairway
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Rustproof and powder-coated finish
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Mount at angles up to 30 degrees
  • Gate extends in width 27” to 42.5”
  • Available in White, Black and Outdoor Brown color

Product Details

  • Brand: Cardinal Gates
  • Item Model Number: SS-30
  • Product Type: Baby/Child Safety Gate
  • Door Type: Swinging
  • Installation Type: Wall/Hardware Mounted
  • Material: Aluminum Construction
  • Auto Lock: Yes
  • Lock Type: Side pull
  • Stair Placement: Yes
  • Climb Resistant Panels: Yes
  • Intended Placement: Stairway; Doorway; Hallway;
  • Location: Indoor Use Only
  • Gate Dimensions:


  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Installation Required: Yes
  • Size of Allen Wrench Used: 1/8th inch
  • Tools Needed to Assemble: Phillips screw driver, pencil, tape measure or ruler, drill with 1/8inch diameter drill bit, and a wrench.

Why You Should Set Up A Safety Baby/Child Gate Inside Your Home

Is your infant crawling around the house and nearby stairs? This is a dangerous problem that forces parents to set up child safety gates for their home. One of the main advantages of a child safety gate is keeping your baby or young child safe from potential accidents and setting borders around your home for your children.

It’s important to keep some locations off limits for children and a safety gate is a great way to begin teaching them to areas of your home. Safety gates are easy to set up and simple to take down when your kids are sleeping at night.

A fall from the top of a staircase can lead to severe injuries and even death when it concerns young children.  Not all gates are made the same so it's important to look for a sturdy gate that will fit your home’s needs.

There are typically two kinds of gates you will discover when shopping. The first kind of gate uses hardware to mount the gate. This kind of gate is protected by the frame on the walls. This is an excellent gate to utilize at the top of stairways. The factor is that they are bolted to the frame of the inside of the wall and supply additional stability for your child. This gate won't budge and will ensure that young children will not roll down the stairs.

About Hard Mounted Safety Gates

Where To Install

At the top of the stairs. Hardware-mounted gates are the only safe option for stairwells. Most will swing open just one way, although you can decide which way you want a gate to swing. At the top of the stairs, we suggest installing the child safety gate to swing far or away from the stairs (not over them) for maximum safety.

How To Install

This kind of gate needs screws for installation. To install, you drill holes in a door frame or into the studs behind a wall and connect the safety gate with brackets and screws.  Although no gate can be ensured to keep a child from running around, if correctly installed, hardware-mounted gates are the most secure option for parents looking to keep their child safe.

Install A Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate For Your Home

The Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Baby Gate is designed to maximize the safety and friendliness of your home for young children or roaming pets.  You can install the gate at the top or bottom of the stairs with its ability to mount at anges up to 30 degrees.  Almost 30” in height, this safety gate is simple to expand and set up to fit the needs of your home.

With a hardware-mounted baby gate that uses a latch system to open and close, young children will find extreme difficulty in opening and closing the gate, while it’s only a one-click button for adults.  

All necessary requirements for installation are included in the box that gets shipped to you, and the child safety gate is available in either white or black.  Make your home safe and secure with the Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Safety Gate.

Install Straight or At An Angle To Fit Your Walls
Although most safety gates require a straight surface, this gate allows installation at angles up to 30 degrees!

Open Latch With One Click For Adults
Open and close is easy for adults with one simple click of a button.  For young children, opening and closing is impossible!

Extend The Safety Gate With Additional Add-Ons
Purchase extensions, clamps, and other great accessories to keep your home safe and secure.

Why Buy Cardinal Stairway Special Safety Gate from Child Safety Store

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Our child safety experts are always available to answer any questions you may have about any baby/child safety gate products we are selling, questions about your purchase or on how to turn your home into a safe haven for your little ones.

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After installation, what is the height of the safety gate?

The safety gate is 28’’ high and the final height will depend on the distance between the floor and your desired placement of the gate.

Does this safety gate automatically close?

This safety gate needs to be pushed to close.  This makes it extra secure and difficult to open up when closed.

Is this a screwless safety gate or will it require screws to install?

The gate comes with screws to use in order to securely install on the top or bottom of the staircase.

Will this safety gate keep my young 3-year old child safe from the top of the stairs?

Yes you can install this safety gate to keep your young children safe from entering harmful areas like the kitchen or stairwells.

What type of installation hardware arrives with the order to set up?

The safety stair gate comes with four screws, two bolts, two lock washers, two flat washers, a split ring, two eyelet-type bolts and two nuts.

About Cardinal Gates

At Cardinal Gates, we believe that genuine service is as essential as the quality of our products. Your call is important to us. It will never be lost in an automated phone system or accidentally deleted from voicemail. We believe the very best way to help you is by being available to answer your call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Since 1993, Cardinal Gates has been focused on making homes safer and more secure with a line of safety gates for children and pets.  Lightweight, aluminum-only gates are designed to add an extra layer of security to your home.  Their gates are durable and designed to last a lifetime of interior or exterior use.