KidCo Universal Outlet Cover - White - 1pk, 3pk

by KidCo

Once your baby starts exploring your home, exposed outlets are a major concern. By preventing the insertion of objects into the outlet, it will prevent injury to your child.

This Universal Outlet Cover by KidCo comes in a 1 pack and a 3 pack. This universal outlet cover will fit on both a standard and decorator outlet. This item DOES NOT need to be removed each time you’d like to use the plug.

*This item does not substitute for adult supervision. *

Product Highlights

  • It automatically covers the outlet when plug is removed
  • Easy to install; simply slide the cover to the side to plug in electric cord
  • Works on both Standard and Décorator style outlets
  • Prevents child injury from inserting objects into outlet
  • Outlet safety covers are easy for adults to install, but difficult for kids to take out
  • Available in 1 or 3 pack
  • White color

Product Specifications

  • Brand: KidCo
  • Type: Outlet Covers & Plugs
  • Color: White
  • Age Group: All Ages

To Install:

  1. DO NOT use with two-prong ungrounded or GFI outlets.
  2. Turn off power to the outlet before installing.
  3. Remove the existing outlet plate.
  4. Determine the type of outlet. Standard outlets have one center screw hole. Decorator outlets have two screw holes.
  5. Once outlet type is determined, punch out one or two screw hole covers for appropriate installation.
  6. Place cover over the outlet and tighten the screw(s).
  7. Once installed, check the sliding cover to ensure it returns automatically. Loosen screw slightly until it does.

To Use:

  1. Insert plug tips into cover slots.
  2. While pressing in gently, slide plug and cover to one side until the plug is completely into the outlet.
  3. When the plug is removed the cover will automatically return.

KidCo Universal Outlet Cover works on both standard and decorator style outlets. It automatically covers the outlets when plug is removed. Shop KidCo Universal Outlet Covers today, here at We are parents’ go-to resource for tools to turning your hazardous home into a safe haven for toddlers and babies.

Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

In every home throughout the country, electrical products are plugged in and out of every wall. Outlets, extension cords, phone chargers, computers, and other home appliances make up a major part of our homes and are often left behind when considering where to implement childproofing products. Young children do not understand the dangers of these electrical outlets and often find themselves near the outlets to pull, plug, and mess around with the various chords. This creates a serious child safety concern since all it takes is one mistake and the child can be electrocuted, burned, or have a product fall on them.

In a recent study conducted by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), over 2,000 children suffer from severe shock and burn injuries due to accidents from electrical outlets. In extreme cases, some children die from these injuries that can be preventable if suggested safety precautions are put in place.

To childproof the electrical outlets in your home, simply remove the old covers and replace them with our KidCo Universal Outlet Covers! This will provide you the peace of mind that young children in your home won’t be able to plug devices in, stick their fingers in the plug, and mess around with the outlet. After installation, simply plug in any device or appliance by sliding it across the new cover.

You may find DIY solutions that may work for some babies or toddlers, but when it comes to protecting your child completely, we suggest choosing an outlet cover that’s proven to work no matter what. Our line of KidCo child safety outlet covers will add an additional layer of protection to your home’s outlet plugs.

The Benefits Sliding Safety Outlet Covers

The sliding outlet cover, sometimes called a self-closing cover, has great advantages that over covers don’t offer. When a device is unplugged, the cover will automatically close, and the socket holes will become unavailable for young children to stick their fingers in or plug a device in. By eliminating the choking hazard that socket hole covers have, homeowners don’t need to stress over the outlets when they aren’t around the children. Its simplicity to install and extra safety features makes this type of childproofing outlet cover a great choice for all parents with young children.

Is KidCo A Popular Brand For Child Safety Products?

Founded over 25 years ago, KidCo is a leading manufacturer of child safety products and continues to produce quality products used by parents of young children all over the world. Their focus is marketing and manufacturing products that will protect children and animals from commonly found injuries or accidents that occur in our homes. Their line of products include pressure mounted gates, standard child wall gates, covers, and accessories that help homeowners protect their children.  

KidCo brought the first ever metal child safety gate to the US market over 25 years ago and started a new standard of childproofing home products for baby safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this cover go over the existing outlet cover or do you have to remove the base cover?

Answer: This product requires removing the exiting outlet plate and installing it as a new outlet cover.

Will this accommodate a large plug?

Answer: The KidCo Universal Outlet Plug Cover is wider at the bottom (near the wall) 2 3/4 inches and narrower near the top 1/ 3/4 inches by 4 3/4 long by 2 3/4 deep.

Is it difficult for an adult to remove the cover once it is locked into place?

Answer: It can easily be removed by an adult but difficult for a child to remove it.

Is this product easy to install on an ordinary outlet?

Answer: Yes! To install our KidCo Universal Outlet Cover, simply unscrew the old outlet cover and replace it with your new one. Then you will have an extra layer of protection for your home and young children near electrical outlets.

Will this fit wider electrical outlets?

Answer: The KidCo Outlet Cover is 2-¾ inches wide and 4-½ inches in height. They fit the standard electrical outlet covers that are commonly used in all homes throughout the country. To make it fit, the outlet cover just needs to be wide enough to cover the electrical outlet box opening.