Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps


Keep your little explorer safer while at home with Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps. Toddlers often see furniture as a fun jungle gym, but their efforts to climb up can throw even heavy pieces off balance. These sturdy straps secure your furniture to the wall and help prevent your climbing child from accidentally tipping things over.


Product Highlights

●    Ideal for dressers, bookcases, shelf units, and armoires. Simply screw into your furniture piece and add an extra layer of protection inside your home.  Our Safety Furniture Wall Straps are ideal for families with young children or pets that like to move around a lot and bump into furniture pieces around the home.
●    Durable woven nylon straps help secure furniture to wall and prevent accidental tipping from children climbing or moving things around.
●    Easy to install and adjust make it simple to secure your home’s furniture from potential accidents.
●    2 pack

Product Details:

Brand: Safety 1st
Item Model Number: 11014
Product Type: Furniture Safety Straps
Age Group: Toddler
Item Weight: 4.6 ounces
Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 5.6 x 5.6 inches
Number of Items: 2
Material: Nylon
Batteries Required: No
Care & Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean
Installation Type: Screw


●    Assembly Required: No
●    Installation Required: Yes
●    Tools Needed to Assemble: No

How to Secure Furniture to Wall Using Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps

Instructions for Assembly and Use

CAUTION: Always use a minimum of 2 straps (1 pair) per item. Additional straps should be added for extra safety on tall and heavy furniture. We recommend adding 1 to 2 straps for furniture 4 feet and wider. Stacked furniture (2 piece unites) like china cabinets and hutches, need to be secured together, before fastening. For this we recommend mending plates or straps (available at your retailer or your local hardware store.)

Step 1: Locate the wall studs behind the furniture. Mark studs on both wall and furniture top and mark height of furniture on wall.

CAUTION: Always use studs and mount each strap to a separate stud. Furniture should be as close to entered on the wall studs as possible.

Step 2: Slide furniture away from wall, allowing yourself enough room to work.

Step 3: Using the brackets marked “wall” make marks on the wall studs for pilot holes about 9” below the item’s top. Drill pilot holes with a 1/8” drill bit.

Step 4: Screw wall brackets into wall studs using the 1 1/2” screws provided.

Step 5: Locate the brackets marked “furniture” and the areas previously marked on the furniture top in Step 1. Using these brackets, mark and drill pilot holes so brackets are aligned with previous marks. Screw the brackets into the furniture top using the 1” screws provided.

CAUTION: For furniture with particle board or thin plywood type backing, brackets must be screwed into solid top or back brace. When placing screws in bureaus, check before hand and make certain they will not interfere with the normal function of the top drawer.

Step 6: Slide furniture back into position and hook silver buckle to strap on furniture bracket.

Step 7: Pull strap on furniture bracket until all slack in the strap is eliminated. Do this for both straps.

Note: Replace brackets if they become damaged during use.

The Benefits of Safety Furniture Wall Straps

According to Consumer Reports, every 20 minutes someone is injured due to a piece of furniture falling over.

Young children, especially toddlers, like to run around the home and treat furniture as fun pieces to play with.  They enjoy climbing, bumping, and throwing furniture around without understanding the potential harm they are creating.  Installing furniture wall straps secure your furniture to the wall and will prevent these accidents from occuring.  With furniture wall straps, your child won’t be able to climb or bump into furniture and cause accidental tipping or falling to occur.

We advise all homeowners to anchor their furniture to prevent tip-overs.  It’s a simple and affordable way to protect your family and make your home environment a little safer.

Made and Shipped From The USA

Our product lines showcase child safety products that are made and shipped from the USA.  We pride ourselves in providing homeowners across the country a collection of products that promote safety and security inside the home.  

When you purchase a Safety Furniture Wall Strap from our store, you will have an extra peace of mind knowing that the furniture inside your home is safe from accidents like tipping over and hurting the children, family members, and pets inside your home.

Why Buy Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps from Child Safety Store

Toddlers and small children often see furniture as a fun place to climb on or use furniture as a means to access an item they want. However, even a small child can easily throw a piece of furniture off balance, which is why furniture safety is something parents need to keep in mind when childproofing their home.

These furniture straps are made of high-quality materials and were designed to be used in many different capacities. The Safety 1st furniture straps are so easy to install on your own and secure your furniture to the wall preventing your climbing child from accidentally tipping things over and getting injured.

Child Safety Store is your one-stop source for toddler and child furniture safety products. Shop Safety 1st Furniture Wall Straps now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they removable if I need to get behind the furniture?
No, they are not. The furniture would be difficult to move.

Do they come with screws for the installation?
Yes, they do.

How does the strap attach to the piece of furniture? Do you have to drill holes in the furniture side, or is it some kind of adhesive?
You will need to drill holes in the furniture, but they are small and hidden in the back so you won’t have to worry about damaging or changing the look of your furniture.  The straps do a great job in holding it together and supporting the furniture wall strap.

Can the straps unhook in order to clean behind the furniture?
Yes! You can easily install and unhook the straps in order to clean the back of the furniture.  Our safety furniture wall straps are simple to add or remove, and require very little maintenance.  

Do I need a power drill or any tool to install?
Because the studs require screws, having a power drill or screwdriver is needed to install the safety furniture straps.

How many straps will I need for a dresser?
For most heavy-duty furniture pieces like a dresser or drawer, we suggest using 1-2 Safety Furniture Wall Straps per furniture piece in order to ensure the safety and security needed.

If the back panel of my furniture is weak, will the wall straps work as intended?
If your furniture has a weak back panel, we suggest you install the wall straps at the edge of the furniture to ensure there is a sturdy and reliable connection.