Tip-Over Danger! Product Recall for Homfa Cabinets

Tip-Over Danger! Product Recall for Homfa Cabinets

It’s time for another safety recall. Today, we’ll be talking about a product recall for Homfa cabinets. These pieces of furniture are being recalled due to tip-over and entrapment hazards. 

When it comes to little kids, our homes can be a surprisingly dangerous place. Believe it or not, tipping furniture can be a serious hazard. Did you realize that between the years 2000 and 2016, more than 300 people have been killed by tipping TVs alone? The majority of these victims were children. Often the victims of these accidents were younger than six years old.

Why Are the Homfa Cabinets Being Recalled?

Whenever we report a safety recall, there is always a good reason. In this case, the recalled Homfa cabinets are unstable if they have not been anchored to the wall. In certain situations, they pose a serious danger of tipping over and trapping children underneath. Obviously, this is a nightmare for both parents and children alike. An accident of this nature could easily result in a serious injury or even death. 

In this specific case, the cabinets do not comply with the performance requirements of the U.S. voluntary industry standard.

Dangers of Tipping Furniture

As we mentioned earlier, our homes are packed with hidden dangers for kids. At Child Safety Store, we aim to keep children safe at all costs. For this reason, special precautions should be taken for all furniture that can potentially tip, regardless of any active recalls. This includes bookshelves, dressers and televisions. Little climbers love to use drawers as stairs or even figure out elaborate contraptions to climb. It’s cute and inventive, but also quite dangerous.

If this recall teaches anything, it’s that parents should carefully consider the placement of furniture that may be enticing to a young child. In the U.S., someone is injured every 15 minutes from a tipping piece of furniture. To learn more, read our dedicated blog post about the dangers of tipping televisions.

What to Do if You Own the Recalled Homfa Cabinets

Fortunately, as of this writing, no injuries have been reported. Still, that doesn’t mean that parents should ignore this recall. According to the official recall notice, consumers should immediately stop using any recalled cabinet that is not properly anchored to the wall and keep it away from children. 

In this case, Homfa will provide pre-paid shipping labels, so that consumers can remove the cabinet’s drawer slides and return them for a full refund. Consumers should then discard the rest of the dresser. Additionally, Homfa is contacting all known purchasers directly. 

Images of the Recalled Products:


Official Details for the Homfa Cabinet Recall

Here are the details on the Homfa Cabinets recall, as provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Name of product:
Homfa HPB-087 and HPB-106 Cabinets

This recall involves the Homfa HPB-087 and HPB-106 cabinets. The HPB-087 was sold in walnut brown and the HPB-106 was sold in wood grain. The cabinets measure about 29.75 inches tall, 31.5 inches wide, and 15.4 inches deep and weigh about 59 pounds.


Recall date:
December 10, 2020

About 6,375

Consumer Contact:
Consumers can contact Homfa by email at: service@myhomfa.com. Homfa will send emails directly to all customers that purchased the recalled product with instructions on how to receive a full refund. Homfa will send the emails to the email address associated with the account that purchased the product. 

Sold At:
Online Amazon from July 2019 through September 2020 from between $90 to $130.

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