Recall Alert: Bonnsu Miniware Teething Spoons 

Recall Alert: Bonnsu Miniware Teething Spoons 

Unfortunately, there has been another recall on a product made for children. At, it is our goal to always make our readers aware of any and all ways to keep your children safe. That includes product recalls that can result in injury. This time, that product is Miniware Teething Spoons.

Luckily, for the Bonnsu brand, one report of potential injury is enough to take action. After a single reported incident, Bonnsu is recalling these spoons as a precaution. Read on to learn more about the reason for this recall and what to do if you own these Miniware Teething Spoons.

Do I Own Miniware Teething Spoons?

To know whether this recall applies to any products you own, check the description and images below. These spoons, made of silicone, were sold in sets of two in the following colors: gray, aqua, peach, key lime (green), cotton candy (pink), and lavender.

In addition, they were sold in three different “Meal Kit Configurations.” The first kit was “First Bites,” which included spoons, bowl, a suction foot, and a lid. The second kit was the “First Bites Travel Kit,” which came with a spoon, bowl, suction foot, and travel bag. Last is the “Sip and Snack” kit, which included a spoon, bowl, suction foot and drinking cup.

If you are still unsure, you can check the handle of the spoon for the word “Miniware.” Here are some photos that may help you to determine whether this recall affects your products:

Miniware teething spoons in lavender and grayRecalled Miniware teething spoons in peach and grayRecalled Miniware teething spoons in cotton candy and grayRecalled Miniware teething spoons in key lime and grayRecalled Miniware “First Bites” set with teething spoon in aquaRecalled Miniware “First Bites” travel set with teething spoon in aquaRecalled Miniware “Sip + Snack” travel set with teething spoon in grey

Why Are Miniware Teething Spoons Being Recalled?

Bonnsu is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall these items. You see, there was a report that an infant bit one of these spoons. Unfortunately, this caused a piece of the spoon to separate inside the child’s mouth. Luckily, the child was not injured. But of course, a mishap like this can pose a choking hazard.

In response to the incident, Bonnsu released a statement to clarify the proper use of the product. The “Teething Spoons” in the product name refers to the fact that the spoons are designed to be used for feedings with children who are in the teething phase. The silicone is gentle on a teething baby’s gums. The product should not, however, be used as a teething toy.

According to the company's official statement:

“Our spoons are intended to support and develop self-feeding, with the added benefit that the soft silicone material can provide relief to the gums of the children. However, we are concerned that some caregivers may be using our spoons as a toy or teething device rather than just for feeding.”

What Steps Are Being Taken?

As a result of the apparent confusion, Bonnsu has announced that it will be changing the name of the product from Miniware Teething Spoons to Miniware Training Spoons. Additionally, the brand will update the warning information to clarify the product’s intended use.

According to the brand, all Bonnsu products already “pass required certifications and standards verified by a third party laboratory, such as testing for the presence of phthalates and other substances that could migrate to food.”

What Should You Do If You Own Miniware Teething Spoons?

Customers who own Miniware Teething Spoons should stop using them immediately. On top of that, you should carefully inspect the spoon for any signs of wear or damage. If you see any, or if you are simply concerned, contact Bonnsu for a free replacement product. You can contact Miniware at 855-334-8129 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or online at for more information.

Recall Details

The following recall details are taken from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Name of product:

Miniware Teething Spoons


The teething spoon can break in a child’s mouth when being used as a teether, posing a choking hazard to infants.

Recall date:

June 11, 2020


About 32,200


Consumers should stop using the recalled teething spoons immediately and contact Bonnsu for a free replacement product. 


Bonnsu has received one report of an infant who bit through the silicone teething spoon, resulting in a piece separating inside the infant’s mouth.

Sold At:

Online on,, and in stores including Dillard’s, The Tot, Turquoise, The Mellowland, Mom Loves Me, and Bitte nationwide from December 2017 through March 2020 for between $14 and $42.

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