Product Spotlight: KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate

Product Spotlight: KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate

On the Child Safety Store, we often like to take a moment to showcase some of our favorite products. These products go above and beyond when it comes to keeping little ones safe. Today, the blog is shining a spotlight on the KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate. 

A Safety Gate Can Save Lives

When it comes to keeping curious kids out of harm’s way, the importance of a child safety gate cannot be overstated. A fall from the top of the stairs can lead to serious injury or even death. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many children are injured from falls each year. During 2018 and 2019, unintentional injury death rates among children were highest among:

  • Male children,
  • babies under one year of age, and teens aged 15–19 years,
  • and American Indian, Alaska Native children and Black children,

To this end, what can parents and guardians do to help? Well, for starters, stairs can be a serious source of injury. Action should be taken to make sure small children cannot access these stairs without supervision. For this reason, we recommend a baby safety gate. These safety devices provide a sturdy barrier at the bottom or top of your stairs. When properly installed, it can help prevent accidental falls and tumbles.

A Closer Look: KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate

One of our favorite safety gates is the KidCo Retractable Safeway gate. This device is built using a flexible, yet safe mesh barrier. Built with quality materials, the height of the KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate is 37 inches tall. 

The product “remembers” how far to open or close thanks to its patented one-touch memory button. In other words, this gate is designed to pre-set the gate width for easy and safe walk-through. It is designed to block door openings, and works on both the top and bottom of the stairs. The KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate is available in both white and black colors and is quite versatile. 

One-Touch Memory Button

Here are some of the additional product highlights from our store page:

  • 4 quick-release holders can be removed or mounted easily
  • Robust lock holds gate
  • One Touch Button technology offers the exact length needed
  • Gate always pulls to the same length for the right lock and fit
  • Works on openings up to 55” wide
  • Easy to install spacers included for baseboard installation
  • Safe and flexible mesh barrier

KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate

Best yet, installation is a breeze and features quick release hardware. The KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate is easy to stow away when it is not being used.

Silence is Golden

Another excellent feature of the KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate is how quietly it works. Designed specifically to avoid noisy interruptions, the gate’s super quiet recoil won’t wake your baby or the rest of the family. 

The Safeway gate is also effective at corralling pets. Our furry friends like to get into trouble as much as children, so a fence can help them, too! 

Offering a Helping Hand

A gate can really save lives and should be a part of any parent’s baby-proofing arsenal. That said, nothing can top active supervision. Children should be properly supervised whenever possible. Of course, they will likely slip away and get into mischief. In times like this, it is important to have a product like the KidCo Retractable Safeway Gate as an additional safety precaution. To learn more about this product and many more, visit our store page

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