Product Spotlight: Cardinal XPanda Gate

Product Spotlight: Cardinal XPanda Gate

Kids love to get into places they shouldn’t. To this end, an open door or stairway can be an invitation for trouble. Keeping that in mind, today’s product spotlight is on the Cardinal XPanda Gate.

Why Use a Child Safety Gate? 

As we mentioned, kids love to explore. This often leads to them getting into areas their parents would prefer to keep them away from. For instance, since young children may not have total control of their legs just yet, an accidental tumble down the stairs can easily occur. This can lead to serious injury or even be fatal. 

To prevent mishaps like these, it is crucial to install a child safety gate. Just like a pool fence for the yard, a safety gate provides a sturdy barrier against entry for kids and pets alike. To learn more, read our full article about the importance of installing a child safety gate.

Features of a Quality Child Safety Gate

A gate should be difficult for a child to knock down, but still easy to set up. In almost all cases, it should be assumed that adults will need to use the stairs or room where the gate is set up. Taking down or bypassing the gate depends on its brand and style. It’s all up to the owner to decided on which gate works best in their home.

As an example, let’s take a closer look at the Cardinal XPanda Gate. 

Exploring the Cardinal XPanda Gate

The Xpanda Gate from Cardinal Gates is a terrific choice for protecting your children. As the name implies, it is designed to expand. This feature allows it to fit larger openings. The Cardinal Xpanda Gate features an auto-lock and auto-close latch. In action, this helps adults to operate the gate using just a single hand. That’s very convenient, especially in an area where the door or stairs will need to be accessed frequently. 

Product Details of the Cardinal Xpanda Gate 

Product Features

  • Child proof safety handle
  • Auto-lock and auto-close latch
  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Auto swing function
  • Sliding, adjustable mounting brackets
  • Fits wide and unique areas
  • Add unlimited number of extensions
  • Available in Black or White color

Cardinal XPanda Gate with Dog

Product Details

  • Item Model Number: EX10
  • Brand: Cardinal Gates
  • Gate Type: Wide or Irregular Openings
  • Product Type: Wall mounted
  • Material: Rugged, Steel Construction
  • Configurations: Straight-line, C, U, or Zigzag
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Lockable: Yes
  • Stair Placement: Yes
  • Climb Resistant Panels: Yes
  • Door Type: Sliding
  • Location: Indoor Use Only
  • Product Dimensions: 29.5” H x 90” W x 1.5” D

As for installation, the Cardinal Xpanda Gate is easy. The package includes sliding, adjustable mounting brackets designed to be wall-mounted with hardware. For maximum stability, it can be installed in a zigzag pattern. This provides even more balance and protection than simply placing it straight across.

The Xpanda Gate, which is available in both white and black, has another great feature: it can be expanded even farther. Thanks to gate extensions that can be purchased separately, the gate can be configured to reach as far as needed across doorways and openings.

To learn more about Cardinal Xpanda Gate, watch our in-depth video review:

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