Should I Fill Out Product Registration Cards?

Should I Fill Out Product Registration Cards?

With the holidays behind us, many folks have some new gift items to enjoy in the new year. However, we’re here to help you avoid one safety-related faux pas. While product registration cards may seem unnecessary, don’t throw them aside just yet.

In today’s blog, we’ll tell you why it is a good idea to fill them out.

What is a Product Registration Card?

In the excitement of opening your gifts, it’s easy to disregard extra papers that come with the packaging. However, we urge you not to make this common mistake.

A product registration card is a short form that often comes with new products, including big and small appliances and many children’s items. In fact, these cards are required to be included with certain infant and toddler items like bouncers and swings, bathtubs, strollers, cribs and play yards.

These forms request your contact information such as your name and address. By submitting this form, whether online or via the provided mail-in form, the product’s manufacturer is able to record you as an owner of the product.

About Company Recalls

Here at Child Safety Store, our readers know that we report on recalls here and there throughout the year. Of course, it is our goal to keep you and your children safe. Therefore, we feel that it’s necessary to alert you of common products that can put you in danger. 

As you may know, a recall is when a company or government agency alerts consumers of hazardous or faulty products that result in an item that is subpar or even dangerous. Some recalls instruct the public to take specific actions. This usually includes advisement to stop using the product altogether. It also specifies information about how to contact the manufacturer or seller for a refund or replacement.

Sites that include a database of recalled items are,, and Of course, we hope you’ll find value in subscribing to our Child Safety Store blog as well, to keep up-to-date on ways to keep your little ones out of harm’s way.

Why is a Product Registration Card Important?

It sounds a bit dramatic, but filling out a product registration card can be a matter of life or death. You see, the purpose of these cards is to alert all known consumers of any safety issues or recalls related to the registered item. If your name is on file, the manufacturer can contact you directly about potential harm. This can be necessary for product malfunctions or when an item presents a possible risk of injury.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, companies are prohibited from using this contact information for any marketing purposes. Reversely, they must use it if there is a recall. In short, taking the extra step to fill out this product registration form guarantees that you’ll be alerted in the case of unsafe or defective product conditions.  

As a convenient bonus, the provided registration cards have prepaid postage. This means that you can simply fill it out and throw it in your mailbox. That’s a pretty easy way to protect your little one! 

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