Product Recall: Magnetic Battle Chess Games

Product Recall: Magnetic Battle Chess Games

It’s time for another product recall, this time, we’re discussing Magnetic Battle Chess Games. That may seem to encompass a lot of different products, so let’s narrow that down a bit. Specifically, we're talking about one brand of magnetic chess game that was sold exclusively on Read on to learn more.

Why Are Magnetic Battle Chess Games Being Recalled?

The recall affects about 2,600 units of these specific Magnetic Battle Chess Games. In short, these sets include magnetic pieces that have been found to violate federal toy safety regulations. You see, these magnets are smaller and stronger than what is usually allowed. As a result, they may pose a serious ingestion and choking hazard for children.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these high-powered magnets can cause severe internal injuries if swallowed. When ingested, the magnets can attract each other through the walls of the intestines, causing perforations, blockages, twisting, and infections. In the end, this can lead to serious conditions including blood poisoning and even death. It's a scary scenario, and we encourage parents and caregivers to take these product recalls and violations seriously.

Beware of Common Choking Hazards

Beyond the internal injuries caused by swallowing these magnetic battle chess games’ pieces, there is also a significant choking hazard. Kids, especially younger ones, tend to be quite curious. As a result, little ones often play with new toys by putting them in their mouths.

When it comes to these recalled products, the small size of these magnets makes them easy to swallow and choke on. Believe it or not, choking can happen quickly and is incredibly dangerous. This can easily block a child's airway and prevent them from breathing. For parents, it is crucial to stay alert and mindful when children are playing with any smaller toys.

What Should You Do If You Own the Magnetic Battle Chess Games?

  1. Stop Using the Product Immediately: If you have one of these magnetic battle chess games, stop using the toy right away. In fact, make sure to take it away from your children. Instead, put it somewhere safe where they can't get to it.
  2. Seek a Refund: Outad Good Life, the seller on, is offering a full refund for the recalled product. You can contact them through their Temu seller profile by clicking on the message icon or by emailing For a smoother process, visit your Temu account, find the order under "Your Orders," and click on the "Return/Refund" button. Follow the instructions to get a return shipping label and send the product back for free.
  3. Spread the Word to Other Parents: Don’t keep this information to yourself. Share this blog post and the official CPSC recall page with your friends and family. The more people know about the potential danger, the safer everyone’s children will be.

Product Details

  • Name: 1 Set Puzzle “Magnetic”, “Magnetism”, or “Magnetism Intelligence Strategy Game” Magnetic Battle Chess Games
  • Sold At: from December 2023 through February 2024
  • Price: Approximately $8
  • Manufacturer: Outad Good Life Ltd., of China

How to Recognize the Recalled Magnetic Battle Chess Games

The recalled magnetic battle chess games come in a blue box labeled “Magnetic,” “Magnetism,” or “Magnetism Intelligence Strategy Game.” The set, as sold, includes about 20 small, spherical, and loose magnetic stones, a string, a plastic storage tray with sponge lining, and instructions for play.

Have There Been Any Serious Incidents?

Thankfully, there have not been any injuries reported yet. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all is well. As always, keeping children out of harm’s way is a top priority.

For more details, you can check out the official recall notice on the CPSC website here. If you encounter any issues with getting your refund or feel the company isn't responding adequately, you can file a complaint with the CPSC using their recall complaint form.

As parents and caregivers, recalls can be frustrating. It is difficult to keep a close eye on every single product that may be problematic. For Child Safety Store, we often highlight specific product recalls. That said, it is a good idea to watch the CPSC's website and even set up email alerts.

Take action today to check if you have this magnetic chess game and follow the steps to get your refund. With careful attention and a few helpful tools, the kids will be better protected from potential hazards.

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