Product Recall: HulovoX Children’s Robes

Product Recall: HulovoX Children’s Robes

As our readers know, children's safety is our number one concern. That’s why, from time to time, we feel the need to alert you of recalled products. You see, these products can cause a potential danger to your little one. This time around, we’re here to tell you about a children’s robe recall that was widely sold on

In the past, we’ve discussed just about every aspect of safety when it comes to our children’s physical environment. Of course, this includes everything from locking cabinets to blocking room entrances with baby gates. However, it is just as important to evaluate the safety of what your child is wearing. 

What Product is Being Recalled? 

Just this week, a wide array of children’s robes by HulovoX were recalled. Twenty-two varieties of the product, ranging from multi-colored tie-dye to rainbow colorways, are included. In some cases, the robe included a unicorn hood.  The products were all long-sleeved and had a sewn-in side seam belt and internal button closure. They were available in sizes 3T through 12.

What is the Purpose of This Children’s Robe Recall?

First things first, we should mention that there have not been any injuries reported in relation to these robes. However, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), these 100% micro polyester robes do not meet the Commission’s flammability standards for children’s sleepwear. For this reason, the product poses a risk of burn injuries to children. 

As part of the Flammable Fabrics Act, the CPSC has the authority to set and enforce these standards. In addition, they can require that warnings or labels be added to any product that may be flammable. This includes clothing, rugs and more. This particular recall doesn’t go into detail as to what standards have not been met.

Just because there haven’t been any reported injuries, this potential hazard should not be taken lightly. In fact, there was another children’s robe recall, by Mark of Fifth Avenue, just one month ago.  Burn safety is a serious subject. In fact, we previously discussed some other potential hazards in our guide to burn safety. 

What to Do if You Have One of the Recalled Robes

For starters, the children’s robe recall period ranges from January 2021 through May 2021. As it turns out, about 3,500 robes were sold during that time, for about $30 each.

If you own one of these robes, you should stop using it immediately. You can contact HulovoX for a prepaid mailer to return the item for a full refund. Additionally, Amazon will contact those who bought the robes on their site and will also be providing them with a prepaid mailer for a refund.

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