Product Recall: Contigo Water Bottles

Product Recall: Contigo Water Bottles

On the Child Safety Store blog, we make it our business to keep children safe. Many times, this includes specific product recalls that may put children in harm’s way. Today, that includes Contigo water bottles. These seemingly harmless bits of back-to-school gear can have serious consequences for children. For this reason, 5.7 million Contigo water bottles have been recalled from the market. 

Read on for detailed information.

Why Were These Contigo Water Bottles Recalled? 

As mentioned above, the company is recalling millions of their Kids Cleanable water bottles. The company received 149 reports of the spout on the top of the bottle accidentally detaching. Obviously, this fault poses a serious choking hazard. To make matters worse, in 18 reported cases, the spouts were found in a child’s mouth. 

Here is Contigo’s statement from the company’s official Facebook page:

"Contigo identified that the water bottle's clear silicone spout in some cases may detach from the lid of the water bottle. The incident rate of consumers reporting the separation of the silicone spout is very low and no injuries have been reported." 

Exactly Which Products Are Affected by This Recall? 

There are several types of Contigo water bottle varieties that are being recalled. This recall involves Contigo Kids Cleanable water bottles. The base and cover of the clear silicon spout will always be black. Only black color spout base and spout cover models are included in this recall. Contigo is printed on the rim and along the front near the bottom of the bottle. The water bottles come in three sizes (13 ounce, 14 ounce and 20 ounce) and four bottle colors (solid color, graphics, stainless steel and stainless steel solid colors). The water bottles were sold individually as well as in two-packs and three-packs.

These images show the recalled products:

Contigo water bottle issue

Contigo water bottles

Contigo water bottle recall

Contigo water bottles

Contigo water bottle varieties 2

What to Do if You Have These Products in Your Home

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there is a very simple method of making this situation right. Customers who own an affected Contigo water bottle should immediately stop using it. Above all, they should be taken away from children. Contigo can be contacted for inspection instructions and a free replacement lid. 

Here is the Contigo Water Bottle Recall Information from the CPSC: 

Name of product:

Contigo Kids Cleanable Water Bottles


The water bottle’s clear silicone spout can detach, posing a choking hazard to children.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled water bottles, take them away from children and contact Contigo for inspection instructions and a free replacement lid.

Recall date:

August 27, 2019


About 5.7 million (In addition, about 157,000 were sold in Canada and about 28,000 sold in Mexico) 

Consumer Contact:

Contigo toll-free at 888-262-0622 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at or and click on Recalls at the bottom of the page for more information.

Sold At:

Costco, Walmart, Target and other stores nationwide and online on various websites from April 2018 through June 2019 for between $9 and $24. 

Recall number:


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