Product Recall: Baby Mirror Activity Toys

Product Recall: Baby Mirror Activity Toys

It is our sad but necessary duty to tell our readers about another product that can injure their child. Child safety is our number-one concern, so any product that is shown to be potentially dangerous should be promptly removed from their use and access. To this end, today’s product recall alert concerns Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys.

Why are Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys Being Recalled?

Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys are silicone wobbler/tumble toys in the shape of a bear. They are inflated with air and have a mirror glued in the center. These toys may be cute, but a potential hazard has come to light. For now, let’s begin with the basic facts. The mirror component of the wobbling bear toy can come loose. If pushed in, this mirror may dislodge. This will expose potentially sharp edges of glass that can endanger an unsuspecting child.

Fortunately, there have not been that many of the Baby Mirror Activity Toys sold. So far, it appears to be about 85, according to the company’s voluntary recall alert. We typically only focus on United States product recalls, but it is important to note that about 18 of these were also sold in Canada. For parents who may have purchased this product, it pays to know about this potential laceration hazard.

Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys were sold online for about 37 dollars at,,,, and from October 2021 through February 2022.

Here is an Image of the Affected Product:

Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys

Additionally, the Child Safety Store social media team created this handy, sharable warning:
Baby Mirror Activity Toys Shareable

What to Do if You Own One of the Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys

The first step is absolutely to remove the toy from the child’s play area. As of today, there has been one report of injury. A child was playing with the toy and the defect resulted in cuts on the child’s gums and the corner of their mouth.

According to the official recall alert, customers should stop using the recalled Konges Sløjd Baby Mirror Activity Toys and contact Konges Sløjd for a full refund.

Konges Sløjd collect at 917-730-1075 from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET Monday through Friday, by email at: or online at or and click on “product recall” at the bottom of the site for more information.

Further Information 

To learn more about this recall, be sure to check out the official Consumer Product Safety Commission recall page. Here is some of the relevant information.

General Toy Safety

When it comes to kids and toys, parents should always be on the alert. Baby proofing the house does not stop at outlets and safety gates. Toys can always be a hazard. To this end, it is recommended that parents always keep an eye on relevant recall pages. These pages can offer an early warning that a line of products has a dangerous defect.

Most companies voluntarily recall their defective products and cooperate with government agencies to safely and efficiently keep their customers out of harm’s way. Some of the most important websites to keep an eye on include and the aforementioned Both of these can provide valuable details and contact information for affected customers. As always, education is the best protection. It pays to stay informed.

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