CSS Product Focus: Anti-Tip Safety Straps

CSS Product Focus: Anti-Tip Safety Straps

Tipping furniture and television are far more dangerous than many people realize. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a child dies every two weeks when a television, piece of furniture or an appliance falls on them. 

In fact, between the years 2000 and 2016, more than 300 people have been killed televisions that have tipped over. The majority of these victims were children. Often they were younger than the age of six. 

In today’s product focus, we’re going to take another look at two of the most important products we offer at Child Safety Store: KidCo’s Anti-Tip Furniture Straps and TV Straps. 

Tipping TVs

Televisions are getting bigger and cheaper. This means that many homes have significantly larger televisions than in decades past. That’s great for our entertainment values, but very dangerous for our curious little ones.

These TVs often sit precariously on insufficient stands. Even though they are large, they are also relatively easy for a curious tyke to pull down. As we mentioned earlier, this has lead to a surprising amount of injuries and deaths. 

We wrote an entire blog about the hidden danger of tipping TVs, and the solution to this problem is to anchor the TV to the wall. That’s where the KidCo Anti-Tip TV strap comes in handy. 

KidCo Anti-Tip TV Straps

The KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap is designed to prevent a television from tipping over and falling onto your child should they decide to climb on the furniture that the television is sitting on. Even if your TV is wall-mounted, this anti-tip TV strap will prevent serious injury from occurring should your child tug on the television.

The strap is designed to prevent the television from falling forward. Most modern televisions contain pre-set holes on their backside to assist the process. The bolts that are included with the Anti-Tip TV Strap can easily fitted to these. In a nutshell, when installed correctly, these straps extend two feet and are designed to prevent a potentially terrible tragedy.

Product Highlights

  • Prevents a flat-screen TV from tipping over
  • Nylon straps secure TV to wall or furniture
  • Screw mount
  • Helps prevent accidents
  • Strap blends with most furnishings

You can learn more on our official product page for the KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap

Tipping Furniture is Also Dangerous

Of course, televisions aren’t the only source of tipping danger for curious little ones. Dressers and large pieces of furniture, especially those with drawers on the bottom also pose a serious risk. Kids love to open these drawers and use them as steps to climb higher and higher.

As you can probably guess, these open drawers with the weight of a child bearing down on them can be hazardous. It can make the furniture unstable and increase the chance of it tipping over. 

Much like the tipping televisions, the best bet to prevent tipping furniture is to mount it to the wall.

KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps

Much like the TV straps, the KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps are designed to prevent furniture from tipping forward. These straps are easy to install and includes all of the installation hardware you will need. There are two straps per package, which is recommended for heavier pieces. This product can truly be a lifesaver.

Product Highlights

  • Helps prevent accidental tipping from top-heavy furniture
  • Durable strap secures furniture to wall
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Includes screws
  • 2 straps are required for furniture under 4' wide
  • Additional straps are recommended for wider or taller furniture

To learn more, watch this informative video:

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