Care for Your Sick Child with These Helpful Products

Care for Your Sick Child with These Helpful Products

When it comes time to care for your sick child, you want to make sure you have everything you may need right at hand. We take such joy in being the protectors of our precious little ones, so there is nothing worse than when they are not feeling well.

As adults, when we are sick, we usually take care of ourselves – we take the medicine we need according to our symptoms and blow our nose when it’s stuffy. Unfortunately, our young children can’t do the same for themselves. They rely on us to make things better. So let’s make sure you have all of the essentials needed at hand for your sick child.

Give a Dose of Medicine to Sick Kids

Giving medicine to a child is a tall task. Often they can’t or won’t take a pill, and they are hesitant to try liquid treatments. On top of all that, it’s sometimes challenging to measure the amount of liquid to the proper dosage.

Having the right tools at hand makes a huge difference in making this process efficient and, better yet, painless for all involved!  Safety 1st’s Grow-With-Me Medicine Set combines some helpful tools needed to make dispensing medicine a breeze as your child grows.

Medicine Dropper

Measuring medicine can be tricky. It isn’t enough to use a kitchen teaspoon, as this process won’t yield the correct amount of liquid. Luckily, a medicine dropper is meant to help you measure your liquid medicine dosages properly each and every time. The dropper that’s included in the Grow-With-Me set has a spill guard as well, which will help to prevent spills. The dropper can be used right off the bat, from newborn months and onward.

Medicine Syringe

Infants will need complete assistance to take their medicine. A medicine syringe allows for accurate dosing from open-topped medicine bottles. You can then administer the liquid meds straight from the syringe itself. Simply place it near the inside of the child’s cheek and slowly push the plunger, giving your child time to swallow.

Medicine Spoon

Getting a toddler to take their medicine can sometimes be a headache waiting to happen. They fuss, pull away and cry. It’s all worth it once they feel better, but the process can seem like climbing a mountain. Medicine spoons are a great solution. The easy-pour opening allows for the medicine to be ingested quickly and painlessly.

Keep Essentials on Hand for Sick Kids

Caring for your sick child isn’t easy. Many new parents are nervous about what steps to take. Safety 1st's Healthcare Kit, along with a medicine dropper with a spill guard as described above, covers all the bases. The kit also includes a toddler toothbrush, emergency contact card and a reversible case.

Newborn Nasal Aspirator

A baby’s runny nose means that their airways are blocked and their breathing is partially obstructed. This can be heartbreaking for a parent, as it can make their baby quite uncomfortable. A nasal aspirator will remove extra mucus with a gentle suction that clears the breathing passages.


When a baby has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, it is considered a fever.  This is when it’s time to consult a doctor.  As you can see, being aware of your child’s temperature is important so you can get them the care they need. The 3-in-1 thermometer in Safety 1st’s Healthcare Kit allows you to take your child’s temperature orally, rectally or under their arm. It also includes an over-insertion gauge for rectal use, protective storage case and five alcohol wipes for easy cleaning.

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