Nasty but Necessary: Buying a Nasal Aspirator

Nasty but Necessary: Buying a Nasal Aspirator

As most parents know, a stuffy nose makes for a cranky baby. Let’s face it: no matter our age, none of us like dealing with nasal congestion. Today, let’s talk about buying a nasal aspirator. This is a fairly gross but surprisingly useful tool that belongs in every parent’s bag-of-tricks! 

Is Buying a Nasal Aspirator Worth It?

Older babies tend to switch to mouth-breathing when their noses are stuffed up. For babies under three months of age, this can be very difficult. They simply don’t have much control over their bodies.

Clogged noses mean that the child may not be able to eat or even breathe. In this case, a nasal aspirator can be immensely helpful. In fact, it’s best to have one on hand ahead of time, just in case it is needed. 

If you’ve spent any time in the baby section of a store, you’ve probably seen some form of a nasal aspirator. Put bluntly, these tools use suction to, well, suck the snot out of a baby’s nose. At such a young age, it can be difficult or even impossible to clear a little one’s nasal passages of mucus. That’s where the suction comes in handy! 

How to Use a Nasal Aspirator

First things first, be prepared for some tears. Even though these products are designed to help little ones, most babies understandably hate having a strange foreign object up their nose. That said, be strong. This is for their own good!

Here are some general best practices for using a nasal aspirator:
  • Before starting, apply a few drops of common saline solution to each nostril. This added moisture will help to break up and liquefy the mucus. Allow this to sit for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • When using the nasal aspirator, be gentle. Don’t dig too deep or use too much force. A baby’s nasal passages are far more delicate than those of an adult. You don’t want to cause any damage.
  • Don’t forget to clean the aspirator after each use. As you can probably imagine, these products can easily get goopy and gross. A bit of soap and warm water should do the trick. 

Product: Safety 1st Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator

There are several nasal aspirators sold on Child Safety Store to help keep babies comfortable when they’re congested. One is the Safety 1st Easy Clean Nasal Aspirator. This product is made of soft and flexible material and has a clear tip so you can easily see that it is working properly and also see the color of the mucus.

After you are done using the product, you can clean it by simply separating the two pieces.

Product: Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator

The Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator is specifically designed to help smaller babies and newborns. This nasal aspirator features a soft, flexible tip that is comfortable for your baby. You can gently remove excess mucus and help your little one to breathe more freely. The suction is strong enough to clear up your baby’s congested nasal passages, but gentle enough that it will not cause any additional discomfort to your newborn.

For further information, you can watch our full video review of the Safety 1st Newborn Nasal Aspirator: 

Call for Help in an Emergency

Remember that buying a nasal aspirator won’t fix every problem. If your child still seems to be having difficulty breathing, call a medical expert.

Additionally, if you’re relying on a nasal aspirator too often, that could also be a sign of a lingering issue. In the event of a serious problem, a trip to the emergency room might be in order. Think quickly and act decisively.

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