5 Backyard Safety Tips

5 Backyard Safety Tips

It’s officially spring, and that means it’s time to look at some backyard safety tips. Let’s face it, with so many people spending time at home, we’re bound to get a little stir crazy. And, it’s okay to get some fresh air as long as we are social-distancing. One of the safety ways for you to get out of the house is to spend some time in your own backyard! 

Of course, this is only a safe activity if you make sure to keep a few backyard safety tips in mind. Before the kids start playing, you should be mindful of these things: 

5 Backyard Safety Tips 

  1. Look for Hazards

Be sure that your backyard is a safe play environment. After gardening, make sure the garden tools are put away and your garden hose is wrapped up. Take a look outside before you let the kids run wild. Check for natural hazards like plants with thorns, active beehives. Also beware of grilling tools and accessories like lighter fluid. If need be, make certain areas off-limits before playtime begins.

  1. Fence in the Pool 

This is one of the most important steps you can take in making your backyard safe for kids and pets. Make sure your pool area has a fence. After all, drowning is the leading cause of deaths among children aged one through four. A fence is only a first defense against tragedy. You should also consider a self-closing, self-latching gate, among other precautions. Read this previous blog post about choosing the right fence to ensure safety for your whole family.

  1. Be Aware of Chemicals

Make sure you’re aware of any chemicals or protectants used on your lawn and any plants throughout your yard. This is especially important if you hire a landscaper, who may use substances that you are unfamiliar with. Although some highly toxic pesticides are being banned, these poisons can still be present. If they are, they can be absorbed through the skin or by mouth, so it is important to recognize the signs of poisoning. This can include headaches, dizziness, rashes and difficulty breathing. If you suspect that your child has ingested or has come into contact with poison, contact Poison Control.

  1. Check the Play-Set

An outdoor play-set is only fun so long as no one gets hurt. First, make sure that the equipment meets safety standards. Based on your child’s age, consider things like the height of the set’s platforms and presence of guardrails. Also be aware of how the material of your play-set can affect safety. A metal slide that has been out in the sun all afternoon can be hot to the touch and cause burns. Last, be sure that your child knows how to properly use the equipment. For instance, children should always go down a slide feet-first. 

  1. Prepare Your Children For Safety

When you’ve done all of the above backyard safety tips to make sure your yard is safe for your children to play in, don’t forget one last important step. Make sure your kids are equipped for safety as well! Apply sunscreen to protect them from the sun. Cover them up in appropriate clothes and apply bug spray to avoid tick and bug bites. Create a set of ground rules and have them repeat them back. Last, be sure to actively supervise your kids while they play.

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